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The episode starts with Krishna sees Garv is in their room so asks Garv never sleeps with them then how come he is here. Pratigya tells Krishna that Garv is scared and worried so she let him spend a night with them. Krishna takes pillow and blanket with him. Pratigya asks Krishna what kind of behavior is this also questions why he didnt hug Garv back earlier. Krishna says to Pratigya that why not she is trying to understand what he is feeling. Then tells that he dont want to argue with her.

Pratigya tells Krishna that he is showing that he is upset by deciding to sleep on the floor. Krishna says to Pratigya that he is not going outside to sleep so she can sleep with her son peacefully in the bed and asks not to bother him. Pratigya asks Krishna how come all of sudden that Garv becomes her child only not his. Krishna tells that he dont want to argue with her. Pratigya also goes and lies beside Krishna then hugs him from behind then they both falls asleep. Komal throws water at a sleeping Adarsh and tells that she wont let him sleepfylly after letting her suffer like this. Adarsh leaves the place asking Komal to sleep in the bed peacefully.

Next day Kesar asks Kriti to have food then she can tie a Rakhi for her brothers but Kriti refuses saying like elders she will also have food after tie the Rakhi around her brothers hand. Kesar tells that she is so lucky to have three brothers but she dont have one also every year she ties Rakhi on God’s idol because God is her brother. Sumitra asks Komal her brother is dead still she wants to Celebrate this Rakhi.

Komal says to Sumitra that she has two brothers so she will do this for her brother Krishna even if Sumitra has problems with it. Both Pratigya and Komal ties the Rakhi around Adarsh and Krishna’s hand. Then Kriti decides to tie a Rakhi to Samar and Garv but Samar refuses saying the people who killed his father is his enemy and he will hate them always. Pratigya stops Kesar from saying anything to Samar and then she tells Samar when he realises his mistake he will definitely feel bad for refuses to tie a Rakhi from Kriti.

Then Kriti decides to do the aarti for Garv but Sumitra throws the aarti plate and tells Garv is not this house member so she wont let Kriti tie Rakhi for Garv. Pratigya pleads her not to do this. Kriti gets upset and asks Krishna why he is not saying anything and cries. Krishna remains silent. Sumitra tells Pratigya when it comes to her kids she is feeling so much pain but what about she let others to kill her son.

Kriti tells that she will tie Rakhi on Garv then gets shocked seeing Garv is not there. Pratigya searches Garv and worriedly says Garv is not inside the house so both Pratigya and Krishna searches for Garv. Garv walks on the road recalling Sumitra’s words. Sumitra and Samar looks at each other and smiles.

Adarsh asks Samar is he did anything to Garv and asks Sumitra to not bring kids in between elders fight. Komal agrees with Adarsh and asks Sumitra to tell what she did. Sumitra tells that the kids will suffer for their parents deeds and then asks Komal why she is supporting Pratigya like this. Komal tells its not about Pratigya and her it’s about Garv who she taken care of him since he was a child so she is worried about him.

Sumitra asks Komal to stop her drama because nothing is going to work on her favor to stop Adarsh from leaving the house. Adarsh tells there is no use in talking to people like Sumitra and then leaves the place. Komal warns Sumitra that if she finds out that DNA report is changed because of her also anything happens to Garv she wont spare her then leaves. Kesar asks Kriti to not to cry saying both Krishna and Pratigya will bring Garv to the house. Kriti hugs Kesar and cries. Sumitra stares ahead.

Precap: The doctors tells Krishna and Pratigya that Garv lost so much blood so they have to check both of them to give Garv blood. Adarsh asks Krishna why he is not going inside. Krishna tells that he is sure his blood will not match Garv’s. Pratigya gets shocked.

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