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The episode starts with Krishna enters the hospital room and tells Pratigya that be bought food for them then tells everything is fine and asks Kriti to have food. Garv opens his eyes. Krishna and everyone gets happy. Krishna tells that Garv scared him so such and asks is he feeling any pain. Garv gets happy. Krishna asks Garv to wake up and have food from his hand. Garv wakes up. Everyone gets emotional and happy. The flashback will be shown of Krishna and Garv’s happy moments.

Krishna then feeds Kriti too. They all looks happy. Kesar finds the report in the drawer and says to herself it looks like the similar report like the DNA report but before she could open the envelope Sumitra snatches it from her. Kesar asks Sumitra is she once again trying to create a misunderstanding between Pratigya and Krishna. Sumitra asks Kesar to not to interfere in whatever she is doing also says that she lost the right to question her. Kesar tells that she is right that means what she thought is right then tells that she is going to inform Pratigya and Krishna.

Samar comes there and sees Kesar is trying to call Krishna and Pratigya. Sumitra signs at Samar showing the report so Samar goes to Kesar and tells that he want some important work so he needs her help. Kesar goes with Samar but then gets shocked seeing Samar trapped her. She asks Samar to let her go.

Komal tells Adarsh that she is happy seeing Krishna and Pratigya with their kids. She tells that she even she wants a kid and family. Adarsh tells Komal that she will never be a good mother but Komal tells it’s her who has taken care of Garv. Adarsh asks Komal then why she remained silent when Krishna’s memory was lost and the kids called him chachu. Sumitra takes the gun out and puts it in Kesar’s forehead and tells this is how she killed her son right the same way she is going to kill her too.

Kesar asks Samar to stop saying she is his mother. Komal tells Adarsh that she knows that time she was with her family’s side and supported all their wrong doings but it doesn’t mean she wont become a good mother. Adarsh mocks her and tells that she never had a kid before. Komal gets angry and tells Adarsh that she had a kid and he will never understand what it is to lose a kid and the Love of her life. Adarsh apologises to Komal for his words.

Komal then asks to have kid but Adarsh tells Komal that she may become a good mother but he dont want to have kids with her then leaves. Sumitra pulls the trigger but stops when she hears the car sound. Kesar shouts Pratigya’s name but Samar and Sumitra closes her moth mouth with a cloth then locks the door and comes downstairs. Krishna and Pratigya enters the house with their kids happily.

Kriti asks Garv to give her the Rakhi gift. Garv tells that he hide it in the room which is upstairs. Both Sumitra and Samar gets shocked. Sumitra tries to stop Kriti but she doesnt listen saying she wanted her gifts then goes upstairs and finds the door is locked so she comes down and tells Garv to which Garv tells the room door is not locked when he put the gift inside the room.

Pratigya also tells that room is never locked before then searches for Kesar to get a room key but Sumitra tells that Kesar went outside and when asked her to give the extra keys to open the door she tells that she dont have any. Adarsh tells Krishna that they have to find a way to open the door. Sumitra asks why they all are acting like this for Kriti’s demand. Both Adarsh and Krishna breaks the lock and opens the door then gets shocked seeing Kesar is tied in the chair. Pratigya helps Kesar.

Krishna asks Sumitra that now he understands why she is stopping them from opening the door. Sumitra acts and tells that she doesn’t know anything. Samar comes forward and tells its him who tied Kesar so if they want to punish then asks them to call the police and make him arrest. Krishna tells that he will call the police now. Pratigya questions Samar he told that he dont want to have any relationship with his mother then what lead him to do this. Adarsh tells that he is sure Sumitra is behind all this and tells that she used Shakti, Meera and now Samar.

Krishna scolds Sumitra then decides to call the cops but Kesar tells that its Sumitra who hide the report from everyone and when she finds that out and decides to inform them Sumitra tied her with the help of Samar. Everyone gets shocked. Sumitra acts innocent but Krishna gets furious and gives her twenty four hours time to tell what is her intention also apologise to Pratigya and Garv or else he will call the Cops and let them handle her in their own way. Sumitra and Samar gets shocked.

Precap: Krishna asks Pratigya and the kids do they have any idea what he is going to do. Kriti tells Krishna that he is once again going to tattoo Pratigya’s name on him. Krishna tells that he is going to recreate everything which is snatched from him when he was lost his memory. Pratigya smiles. Sumitra thinks this is the right time and tells that when Krishna returns she has to make sure that he doesnt find his kids then takes both Garv and Kriti with her forcefully.

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