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The episode starts with Samar asks Sumitra is she really going to do what she told him. Sumitra tells Samar that whatever she told him that’s what she is going to do and asks him what happened to him all of sudden. She asks dont he remember these are the people who killed his father. Samar tells both Garv and Kriti are innocent and kids so it’s not right to punish them. He also tells that its Shakti who tried to kill Kriti.

Sumitra asks Samar why he is acting like this also warns him not to say any single word against Shakti and tells that because of them only Sajjan is also hospitalized dont he want to take revenge from Pratigya. Samar tells Sumitra that he supported her because of that Krishna and Pratigya decides to send him to the prison but Kesar is the one who made Pratigya and Krishna change their decision. He tells that he wants to change for his mother.

Sumitra asks Samar do he really think without his help and says that she is more than enough to execute her plans alone. Samar tells that he wont let Sumitra do anything against Garv and Kirti but Sumitra pushes him and locks him inside the room and leaves. Samar calls someone to open the door.

Pratigya receives a call saying that Krishna met with an accident. Sumitra cuts the call. Pratigya gets worried and goes to see Krishna. Sumitra goes to Garv and Kriti’s room and takes them forcibly with her and locks them inside the dark room. Samar recalls Kesar’s words and sees the back door is open so he leaves. Pratigya hugs Krishna and asks is he fine. Krishna tells nothing happened and shows her the tattoo then wonders who gave such wrong information.

Samar comes there and tells Pratigya and Krishna about Sumitra’s plan. They both gets shocked and hurries to the house. Komal waits for Adarsh then gets shocked seeing the letter Adarsh left for her in which he states that he is leaving her forever that will be the punishment she deserves.

Komal cries. Krishna and Pratigya tries to stop Sumitra but she ignores the fire where she locked Garv and Kriti. Krishna and Pratigya saves Garv and Kriti. Sumitra tries to run but Samar stops her saying he won’t let her go. Sumitra pushes him away and tries to leave but her saree catches fire. Pratigya saves Sumitra from the fire. Sumitra cries.

Krishna sees Komal is crying and asks her the reason to which Komal tells Adarsh left her and his plan to their revenge from her. Krishna gets angry but Pratigya comes there and tells Krishna that Komal made Adardh suffer a lot. Krishna then advises Komal to let Adarsh go also in future when she loves someone asks her not to repeat this again. Komal hugs Krishna and cries. Pratigya thanks Samar then tells that whatever he did made her happy. Samar cries and tells that he was fool that he did so many things against them without realising which is right and wrong but Pratigya aska him to not to think like that from now on do what is right then asks him to forgive Kesar too then hugs him.

Later, Police comes to arrest Sumitra who apologizes too everyone for her actions saying instead of saving the family she is the one sho destroyed because of her hatred. Then she asks Komal to take care of her also asks the kids to study well and do the right things only. She also apologises to Krishna and Pratigya for always finding a way to separate them then leaves. Pratigya tells that their actions are the one which that will define what kind of a person they are so asks them to do the right thing without thinking about the outcome. Then the whole family hugs each other.

Episode ends.

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Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 24th August 2021 Written Update: Pratigya worries about Sumitra’s next move

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 24th August 2021 Written Update: Pratigya worries about Sumitra’s next move