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Episode begins with Purvi says now Virendra will do everything to catch the Blackmailer. Priyu says if Blackmailer got to know that they informed everything to Virendra then they has to face the consequences. Purvi says they won’t tell anything to Virendra and tells her plan to Priyu and Sudha. Sudha says she will do everything which Purvi told her to do. Vaibhav says he has something to tell Prakashi and says he wants to marry Jyoti. Jyoti and Anjali gets happy hearing him. Prakashi asks why he suddenly thinking to marry. He says he wants to settle in his life the way Prakashi wanted. She says she wanted him to marry definitely and asks why he decided to marry Jyoti.

Virendra says marriage is not small matter so he should think twice before taking any decision. Anjali says Vaibhav selected Jyoti to marry so he would have thought about everything also it’s his age to marry because if now his marriage didn’t happen then it will be difficult to find perfect bride for him then they has to go for Molkki option and they knows what will happen if they brings Molkki bride to this house then. Virendra says if Vaibhav wants to marry Jyoti then he doesn’t have any problem. Anjali says tomorrow it’s Jyoti’s birthday so they can do her and Vaibhav’s engagement too tomorrow. Prakashi scolds her for suggesting this.

Vaibhav says if Jyoti wants her engagement to happen on her birthday then they should respect her wish also no one should suffer in this house for the mistake Purvi did. He asks her to give permission for their happiness. Virendra and Prakashi agrees for the engagement. Vaibhav goes to invite his friends for his engagement. Sudha comes to meet Virendra and gives one number to him saying from this number she is getting cheap messages. He says as a head of this village it’s his responsibility to protect his village people and assures her saying he will find the culprit and won’t inform about it to anyone.

Virendra calls Police inspector and gives that mobile number to him and explains the issue and tells him to find the owner of that mobile number as soon as possible. Purvi overhears his conversation. Sudha got to know about Vaibhav and Jyoti’s engagement. Police inspector informs Virendra that number registered on his name. Virendra tells him to come to search his house. Purvi thinks she has to delete the original video before Blackmailer releases that in internet. Purvi acts like her health worsened and her nose bleeds. Police decides to take her to hospital and informs about it to Virendra.

Juhi assures Manas that nothing will happen Purvi. Purvi escapes and Police inspector informs about it to Virendra. Virendra scolds him and tells him to search her. Purvi and Priyu enters the palace as dancers with dance crew. Anjali greets the guests and thanks them for attending Jyoti and Vaibhav’s engagement. She norices Police and asks Virendra about them. Virendra says Police will do their job and asks her to not interfere in this matter. Purvi tries to find the mobile to delete the clip. Anjali goes to her room without anyone’s knowledge. Vaibhav’s friend asks Vaibhav to stop this engagement otherwise she will show this mobile to Virendra. Purvi says she just has one way to stop the Blackmailer from uploading the clip in internet.

Episode ends.