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Episode begins with Purvi invites Yogi to play dumb charades. Later, Virendra tells his family that Yogi knows many movie names. Renu tells him that she have watched more movies than Yogi and she is his team so they will win. She asks Sakshi to join but the latter refuses. Virendra thinks that Prakashi must be feeling bad that no one calling her. He tells others that Yogi watched so many movies because Prakashi also used to watch many movies but now she would have forgot movie names.

She thinks that still Virendra cares about her and tells him that she didn’t forget anything and sits beside kids. Sakshi asks Anjali to come to kitchen to take tea. Anjali goes to the kitchen. Sakshi tells her that the earrings Yogi gave it to Purvi looks really good on her. Anjali takes the tea plate and moves towards Purvi. She is about to drop the tea plate on Purvi but Virendra pushes it and tea drops on Sakshi who was sitting behind Virendra. Renu goes to Sakshi to check her. Virendra asks Purvi that is she fine. Sakshi hears that and thinks that he didn’t even turn on her side.

Later, Purvi tells Virendra that she learnt that he can laugh a lot too while playing dumb charades. She asks him that why he doesn’t laughs much like them. He asks her that did she got to know about it now. She tells him that she can read face. Manas comes there and asks Purvi to read his face.

Virendra shows one guy’s picture to Purvi. She asks him that who is he. He tells her that, that guy’s name is Satyam and he is an engineer and he is thinking of his and Renu’s marriage. Renu hears that and runs towards her room.

Prakashi tells Anjali that they need to visit temple to pray for baby. Anjali offers food to Yogi but he was eating food already which was made by Purvi which irritates Anjali. Sakshi notices that and instigates Anjali against Purvi. Prakashi and Anjali leaves for temple.

Virendra asks Renu that why she is crying. She tells him that no one will marry her. He tells her that he will change her destiny. He learns about mill’s fire accident and leaves the palace. Renu tells herself that Purvi is really unlucky for everyone. Sakshi tells her that she and the latter has whole rights on Virendra and this palace but until Purvi is here the latter won’t get her rights and she won’t get her love.

She tells her that they can throw Purvi out of the palace before the latter’s engagement. She tells the plan to her. Renu hesitates to execute it but Sakshi convinces her. She gives milkshake to Yogi. He drinks it and feels dizzy and faints. Then she tells Purvi that she forgot the latter’s milkshake in Yogi’s room and takes her to his room. She gives milkshake to Purvi.

Purvi tells her that she is happy that the latter planning to move on. Manas asks Purvi to find out his remote. Renu tells him that she will help him and takes him from there. Purvi feels dizzy and falls on the bed. Sakshi tells Renu that tomorrow morning blast will happen.

Episode ends.