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Episode begins with Kids says they were waiting for Purvi only. Purvi says she will make something to eat and sees Vaibhav enjoying with his friends. She thinks it’s the right time to search his room because she is sure that he did something with Priyu and goes to his room while searching she finds some box. She hides seeing Vaibhav there. Vaibhav tells his aadar card number to someone and tells him to prepare his duplicate passport as soon as possible saying he has to leave soon.

Purvi hears his conversation and wonders why he is making duplicate passport and shocks seeing gun in that box. She thinks something happened for sure that’s why Vaibhav planning to leave the country and decides to find the crime he committed. She says only Virendra can help her to find proof against Vaibhav and decides to talk to him.

Kids says they will sleep with Purvi and Virendra today too. Purvi thinks she can’t talk to Virendra about Vaibhav and Priyu. Kids says Virendra ordered them to sleep with him. Purvi understood that why Virendra behaving like this. She says Kids will sleep in their room. He says Kids will sleep with him only.

Next day, Purvi tells Prakashi that she wants to learn driving and will ask driver to teach her. Mama shows Virendra to Prakashi. Prakashi says Virendra will teach Purvi not any driver. Virendra says he has many important works to do. Prakashi says Purvi is his wife and what others will say if driver teach her driving then. Kids pleads him to help Purvi. Virendra agrees to teach Purvi. Purvi decides to talk about Priyu when she gets chance.

Virendra teaches driving to Purvi. She drives slowly and he tells her to focus on road. They were staring each other and fails to notice the truck and hits the car on the tree. He scolds her saying she can’t learn driving. She says he holded her hand and she lost her concentration. He says he hold it to teach her. She says she has something to talk to him. He says they has to repair the car first.

Purvi shows Vaibhav’s car to Virendra. Virendra asks Mechanic that what Vaibhav’s car doing in his workshop. Mechanic says Vaibhav’s car damaged so much because of huge accident and gives one neckpiece to him saying he got this from Vaibhav’s car. Purvi tells everything to Virendra from blood to gun.

Sudha comes there with Ayushi. Ayushi says she saw Vaibhav and Priyu in his car and she screamed for help. Purvi gets worried for Priyu. Virendra assures her saying nothing would have happened to Priyu. Vaibhav thanks his friend saying he got his duplicate passport.

Virendra calls Prakashi and learns that Vaibhav left the house. Virendra finds Vaibhav and asks about Priyu and slaps him. Purvi pleads Vaibhav to tell the truth. Vaibhav says she went to temple only and tries to run from there. Virendra slaps him again and says he won’t leave him until he tell the truth.

Vaibhav tells everything and apologize to Virendra and says he didn’t got Priyu’s dead body yet so she must be alive. Purvi shatters hearing him and pleads Virendra to find Priyu. Virendra says Priyu is like his daughter and calls Police inspector to inform about Priyu.

Police inspector says they searched whole forest but didn’t find Priyu anywhere. Purvi cries thinking about Priyu. Virendra apologize to Purvi for not able to protect Priyu from Vaibhav and says he won’t leave Vaibhav this time because he just deserves punishment. Anjali overhears their conversation and tells Vaibhav about his punishment. Vaibhav takes his gun. Next day, Virendra informs his family about Vaibhav’s punishment.

Episode ends.