Acting and dancing sensation Shantanu Maheshwari’s is coming back into the fiction space with his 2nd digital project Medically Yourrs. The show will showcase the actor in a totally different light on screen this time.

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Having received a lot of appreciation for breaking stereotypes by portraying a fiery young medical student whose passion is music. But he was pressured by his family to study medicine. Shantanu’s character had to showcase a very complex demeanor. His personality in show has a lot of suppressed anger within. 
Shantanu who could relate to suppressed anger just like his character, initially found it a bit tough to showcase certain scenes. So, after any heavy or intense scene, he would retreat to loud music to calm himself down. Subsequently, he just be back to his normal pace.“Just like my show character Abir Basu has a strong calling towards music, I too have a very strong fondness for music as I am a dancer.Music always helps me destress and let go of any frustration or anger that I have pent up in my body.”
“While shooting for Medically Yourrs, there were a lot of highly intense scenes I had to shoot for. Further, I would just get back to my room, plug in my earphones, put on some fast songs and turn up the volume to the loudest I could. It really helped cut off my thought process, ease out all the intensity that I had showcased for the shot. Music helped me get back in sync with myself and come out of my character. I could focus on the lyrics and hum the tunes of the song for a while. This would eventually help me cool down and be myself again.”, he concludes. 


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