Drama in Sony TV show Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai is high after Naina and Sameer started their business.

As reported earlier, in the show Yeh Un Dino ki Baat Hai Sameer’s Mamaji parted the ways in business. Naina and Sameer decided to open business of their own. The duo started Boutique and currently in the show their struggle after starting their business is shown.

Naina and Sameer to grow their Boutique have kept an exhibition to gain the attention of the customers. MamaJi too comes for the exhibition and appreciates the atmosphere. Later, he taunts Sameer for not touching his feet. Naina asked Sameer why he called him, Sameer said even he doesn’t know who has called him.

Sameer gets angry while Naina asks him to stay happy for exhibition sake. Moving ahead Sameer Mamaji once again taunts Sameer for giving discount. Angry Sameer tells him that he can make fun of them but one day he will regret after seeing his success. Mamaji pays the bill and left. Sameer and Naina recall Mamaji’s word and get tensed.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Naina will challenge Mamaji when he will again come to their shop. Sameer’s Mama once again comes at Samaina Boutique and started taunting them jokingly but this time Naina will answer him by saying- she promises that they will grow their business and will touch the height which he has grown in past 20 years. She challenges him to just wait and watch, as very soon they are going to grow. She also asks him to encourage them like the way he is doing.

It will be interesting to watch what Naina and Sameer will do next to grow their business.

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