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The episode starts with Sharda enquiring Anu about her parents. Anu says that her parents want her to get married soon, so they are looking for alliance for her. Surya gets upset hearing this. Sharda says that the boy who will marry Anu will be very lucky. Sharda then says nowadays youngsters do love marriage and asks if she doesn’t have anyone in her life. Anu says that she doesn’t want to take any risk. She indirectly taunts Surya and says that she will trust the guy lot, but he will not be able to understand what she wants to say and she has to wait when he will talk to her. Sharda says that she loves someone and asks her to tell who he’s, she will forcibly bring him and get her married to him. Surya says that his headache cured after drinking Anu’s tea and says that he’s leaving for office. He walks out. Anu says to Sharda that she has some work and says that she should leave home. Sharda asks Anu to go with Surya. Anu agrees and takes her leave.

Anu comes out and finds Surya checking his mobile. She stumbles. Surya asks her to walk carefully, as her parents are looking for matches for her. Anu thinks that Surya is upset and wonders how to convince him. Surya offers to drop Anu at home. Anu refuses. Surya says that she shouldn’t roam like this alone and taunts her saying that her parents are looking for match for her. Anu gets irritated and asks how many times he will tell the same thing. He says that he repeats so that he doesn’t forget it. Anu says that it’s obvious to search for alliance when they have a beautiful daughter and also he will advise her to listen to her parents and marry the guy chosen by them. Surya gets more irritated. They both argue. Anu cries and says that she waited lot for him to confess his feelings, but he deliberately makes her wait. She’s about to leave. Surya stops her and asks why she’s crying. Anu says that he knows the reason.

In the car, Anu is sitting quiet. Surya asks if she won’t say anything. Surya drops Anu at her place. Anu reminds Surya that he promised to fulfill all her wishes and leaves. Anu goes to the terrace seaching for Ramya. Pushba says that Ramya isn’t here and sends Anu back. Poorni asks Pushba if she really wants to Anu get married to Sambath. Poorni says that she will spoil Anu’s life by sending Anu to Ragupathi’s house. Pushba asks Poorni stop scolding her and says that they can’t change the fate. Poorni asks what she will do if she gets to know that Anu loves someone. Pushba says that she will agree if he’s good boy and asks if his name will start with ‘A’. Poorni tries to ask Pushba she will agree if Anu loves someone elder than her, but she’s unable to correctly formulate it. Pushba scolds Poorni and walks away.

Meanwhile Sharda praises Anu in front of Surya. Sharda says that Anu is straightforward and doesn’t hide anything in her heart. Surya agrees with Sharda. Pankaj comes there. Sharda goes to bring tea for him. Surya and Pankaj have a talk about Anu. Surya says that she shouldn’t have talked to Anu like that and asks Pankaj to punish him by twisting his ear. As Surya keeps insisting, Pankaj twists Surya’s ear and he shouts in pain.

The episode ends.