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Zee Tamil’s popular daily soap Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is entertaining its audience with its interesting storyline. Now the show is all set to have some interesting twists and turns in the story.

In the previous episode it’s shown that it’s shown that Surya reassured a scared Sharada. They both will had a talk about something happened in the past which is hard for Sharda to forget. The morning Anu texted Surya asking to meet her immediately. Surya got worried on reading Anu’s text and rushed to meet her. Mansi notices Surya going somewhere in hurry and decided to follow him. Mansi lost Surya’s track in the midway. Meanwhile Surya met Anu and assured her that he’s alright. Elsewhere Ragupathi met Mansi and got to know that she’s Surya Prakash’s sister-in-law. He told her that Surya Prakash often came to this area which shocked Meera.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Ragupathi will badmouth Surya which will anger Mansi. She will ask him to shut up. She will click his photo. Elsewhere Surya and Anu will have a talk. Anu wil pray for Surya’s safety and will apply vibuthi to Surya. Surya will apply vermilion on Anu’s forehead when she will complain that he didn’t confess his feelings to her. Later Surya will decide to shift with his family in the guesthouse nearby the office. Meanwhile Swamiyadi will visit Anu. She will alert Anu that she has to go through lot of difficulties before achieving the happiness and will ask to have faith on the Deity. Anu will get worried.

When will Surya openly confess his love to Anu? What’s ahead in Anu and Surya’s life?

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