Marriage is a ritually organised union where two people, man and woman, gets engaged and the relationship between them becomes official and legal. Actually marriage is a kind of base on which the bonding of people’s love takes beautiful shape. Indian television industry is incomplete without love and marriage sequences which imprints viewers’ heart with love effects. Nowadays we can see marriage scenes and love scenes after marriage in various daily soaps of telly-town, and we get touched by few of the onscreen couple who get engaged in the same. Here we are talking about newlywed couple or couple who are about to get marry.

Naira and Kartik: Naira and Kartik met in Varanasi and they fought in their first meeting but now they are going to marry each other in Star Plus’s show Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai. Their marriage scene is going on in the serial with family drama and small-small twists and turns. Very soon viewers will be able to see various shades of their love and growing romance between this cute couple after this marriage in the serial.

Maya and Arjun: Maya, who is a successful business woman, started loving Arjun the photographer of her company Fashion And The City, when he saved her from his father, which kept growing afterwards moment by moment. Soon Maya and Arjun started their new journey after getting married in Sony TV’s Beyhadh. Maya and Arjun are one of the hottest jodi of Indian Television who are burning the floor with their sizzling chemistry.

Rangeela and Shivani: Ghulaam, which comes on Like Ok, is based on Indian Action Crime Thriller genre, where Rangeela is a slave of Veer and assigned to find a bride for veer according to the astrologer’s prediction. On recommending Shivani’s name by him, Bhishma Pratap ordered him to marry Shivani first before she getting marry with Veer. When shivani got to know about the truth she declined to regard veer as her husband as she already is a wife of Rangeela. Let’s see how Rangeela and Shivani come up with this complex situation and starts romancing like a couple.

Raja and Naina: When Ek Tha Raja aur Ek Thi Rani of Zee TV took a 10 years of leap, Raja came as a don and found Naina, who was a junior film artist, in front of him and he thought that she is his Rani and started hating her but slowly-slowly he started falling for her. Laila, whom Raja was going to marry with and then declined to do the same, felt angry and tried to prove Naina characterless, Raja married naina to save her from this stain.

Chandra and Nandni: Chandra Nandni is a historical drama of Star Plus and based on love story of Chandra and Nandni which was started from hating each other. Chandra was an enemy to Nandni as he killed her father but eventually they had to get marry and nowadays what sequence is going in the show is that Nandni started loving Chandra and Chandra also having feeling for Nandni but he is not aware of the fact.

Shivay and Anika: The journey between Anika and Shavay was started with a high range of fight where Shivay is a rich and successful businessman but Anika belongs to a middle class family where she was struggling to give her brother a good life. Eventually Anika got a job in Shivay’s house as a wedding planner where marriage prepration of Shivay with Tia was going on, but unfortunately Tia ditched Shivay and Shivay, to save his family’s reputation, forced Anika to marry him. Thereafter they slowly-slowly started loving each other and now we can clearly see their love in their eyes which says it all.

Omkara and Gauri: When Omkara came to bareilly, he saw Thakur’s wife burning in fire and he saved her. When Omkara got to know the reason that Thakur ditched his wife to marry Gauri, Omkara filled the sindoor into her scalp, yet he regards her as a characterless girl. Gauri tried to tell Omkara the whole truth but he didn’t give any attention to her words, and they part ways. Now Gauri lives with Omkara as Chulbul and helping Omkara indirectly. Let’s see how the love between them will start blowing.

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