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Colors TVs Popular show Nima Denzongpa entertaining audience with its interesting story line. Now serial focused on Virat regained his memories

In the previous week we have witnessed, Nima was excited to check that DNA result. She was taken back seeing DNA was not matching with Virat. Manav disappointed to hear it. Sunita thought they were pranking her. Manav said to her he was not her Virat. He asked her what should he do with this anklet? He brought it for her.

Nima asked him to keep it with himself. Manav left from there emotional. Meanwhile Sujatha enquired post man Is he finished his job well? He assured to her he exchanged the report. Sujatha demanded him to give the original report to her. He gave it to her. Later Sujatha revealed to Tushar and his mom how did she suspected Nima?

She offered 50 thousand to exchange the report. Manav enquired what Report? Sujatha lied to him she was talking about her report. She wished to consult doctor. Later Manav pretended to be close with Sujatha. He enquired her to share his favourite food and entertainment.

Sujatha gave wrong answers to all. Sujatha excused him and went out for a walk. Later Nima decided to leave from home. Meanwhile, Manav noticed Virat’s identity card. He thought Nima was right. He opened the Suitcase and got shocked seeing the weird things inside it. He found out his DNA report from it.

Sujatha demanded Tushar to break the door. Nima came there to inform Sujatha she gonna shift from there. She enquired her about Manav. Sujatha demanded her to stop stalking him. Tushar broke the door. They found Manav in laying position. Tushar checked him and confirmed he was breathing.

He said to Sujatha he was drunk. He asked her to wake him up and leaves. Sujatha stares the suitcase there her mom asked her what’s it? She lied to her as nothing. Meanwhile Nima said to Sunita that Manav was inside the house though Sujatha lied to her he was not there.

Sunita said to her she was like that only. Meanwhile Manav thought Sujatha fooled him a lot he wanna go to police station. Later He informed to Nima that he was her Virat. Sujatha exchanged their report. He asked her to meet him out. Nima shared this happy news to Sunita.

She asked her to meet him. Manav was excited to meet Nima out. He noticed someone coughing there and went to help her. Sujatha attacked him. She noticed Nima coming there and hidden him from her.

Sujatha returned to her house. She demanded her family members to pack their luggage drama was over. Lets lock the door from outside then Neighbours will think they went out. Tushar refused to help Sujatha in her mission reasoning they will end up in trouble.

Meanwhile, Nima waited for Virat. Virat regained his memories. Sujatha confronted him and confessed all her crime to him. She revealed the reason behind her act. Nima noticed Tushar and his mom leaving. She plead them to reveal Virat’s whereabouts? Tushar alerted her Sujatha is criminal and mentally unstable person she might be careful with her.

Nima tried to open the lock. She searched for Sujatha and Virat there. She couldn’t find anyone inside her house. Virat hears her voice and hit on wall to alert her. Nima hears the sound and checked there. She couldn’t find anyone there! Nima informed to Sunita about this incident.

Sunita shared to her may be Sujatha took him from here. Nima narrated to her she heard sound from home. She asked her to inform police about this. Nima contacted Rana but he didn’t response to her well. He disconnected the call not understanding her problems. Nima thought to do something. Later, Sujatha threatened Virat to don’t shout or else she will kill him.

Virat pretended to be apologize to Sujatha for ignored her love and went behind Nima. Sujatha believed his words. Nima came to attack her but Sujatha noticed her through mirror. She placed knife on Virat’s neck. She threaten to kill him. Nima plead with her to don’t do it. Sujatha stabbed Virat but Nima came between him and got stab.

Police came there and arrested Sujatha. Virat prayed for Nima’s health. Sunita informed to him she got consicous. Virat shared his happiness to her. He demanded Sunita to stay with them. He wished to lead a normal life with her. Later Nima got excited hearing Sia was expecting. Both shared the happiness with each other.

Episode end