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The episode starts with Amba’s face getting revealed and Naveli confronts her. She recalls everyone neglecting her in Makwana house. Naveli questions if Bittu is actually her mother and this is reason why all of them love her less. Pranali wakes up from sleep and notices Naveli is not by her side. Amba ends up accepting that Natasha is indeed Naveli’s mother. Naveli says that Pranali is her mother and starts crying out loud. Hearing her cry,all the family members come to the room. Dolly notices Amba’s clothes and mask. She asks her reason for wearing it. Amba starts acting as if she doesn’t remember anything.

Naveli tells that Amba is lying and she just told her about Pranali not being her real mother instead it’s Bittu. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Shantanu and his sister reach there too. Naveli asks Pranali to tell her the truth. Pranali questions Amba what has happened to her. She tells that everything has right time and she did wrong. Naveli cries and asks Pranali to tell if Bittu is actually her mother. She hugs Pranali crying . Hetal says that Natasha is actually her mother and asks everyone to go to sleep.

Shantanu says he doesn’t know what he will do. Natasha starts crying too. Shantanu consoles her and asks others to go outside room and argue as this can deteriorate Natasha’s health. Naveli says that Amba was scaring them by disguising as monster. Dhawal asks Amba is she was trying to scare Natasha. Naveli says if Bittu’s name is Natasha. Dhawal scolds Amba for her actions and asks her to see Natasha’s state. Pranali tells Naveli to come with her and she once again looks at Natasha.

Shantanu takes Natasha to bed to make her sleep. Dhawal is about to leave but Natasha rushes to him and holds his hand. She keeps looking at him while Dhawal gets surprised. He wipes off Natasha’s tears. Natasha wipes tears off Dhawal’s face too that makes him get emotional but he controls himself. Natasha questions Dhawal if she is Naveli’s mother. Naveli keeps crying and telling Pranali that she wants to go to Bittu as she is her real mother. Pranali tells Naveli to forget what Amba has told her but Naveli doesn’t accept it. Dhawal tells Natasha that she is Naveli’s mother.

Natasha goes to Shantanu and tells him that she is not Bittu but she is mumma. She jumps happily saying it. Naveli questions if Natasha is her mother why she doesn’t stay with them. Dhawal on other hand tries to control his emotions. Shantanu’s sister tells him that they need to return back and leave Natasha with her family as they have no right to separate Naveli from her mother. But Shantanu insists that she is now his Bittu and no one can distance him from her. The episode ends with Dhawal feeling guilty of his behavior towards Natasha.


Naveli and Natasha both will pack their luggages and leave Makwana house. Naveli will question Natasha where they will go and whose house will they stay at.

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