Scene begins in Karan falls into his flashback. It’s 4 years back he was going his college. Rishab was his class mate and best friend of him. Karan has interest in sports he is a famous in that college because he is not only a sport person but also he is a rich one. Obviously he is a handsome hunk girls used to drools over him for any one the reason. He hardly attends the class due to his tight schedules in sports. Though he gets a good grades. Once his college announces the inter college competition. Other colleges merit student are allowed to see the special match performance. It’s the time Sherlyn comes to Karan’s college to watch the performance. In the first sight she fell for him head over the heals. He looks like a lion on the field. Sherlyn has only one thought in her mind is to get him at any cost.

She has the habit to get the things she loves going to any extreme. Same time she can’t able to accept if anyone insulting her. While watching the match she collied with one girl none other Mahira. She is also die hard fan of Karan but she has no dare like Sherlyn to do anything boldly. She is rich and have equal status with Karan on that time but she didn’t have the guts to propose him. Sherlyn notices the way Mahira staring Karan. She recognizes her face and pretends like befriend with her.

Mahira also shakes her hands with her. Sherlyin questions her Is she has crush on Karan? Mahira blushes and nods yes. Sherlyn smirks at her and says to her it seems she has tough competition here just look around everyone here all are drools over him. Mahira nods with her. Sherlyn tells her she can able to help her to unite Karan with her. Mahira gets happy and asks to her Really? She nods to her. Sherlyn says to her she is trying to become a journalist so she has the training card with her. So she is allowed to take any interview with sports personality. I will take Karan’s interview and she wanna help her to appoint her as the special journalist in their team. Mahira asks her to explain. Sherlyn asks her to use her father’s influence and give a seat for her in this college. She can use her licence to take interview of Karan. If she joins with them she can able to being close with him always she said romantically. Mahira questions her what will she gain from this? Sherlyn thinks that she is acting to be smart now. Sherlyn puts her hand on her shoulder and says she will share about Mahira with him what’s say? If she often takes her name then he will definitely get eager to meet her and spend time with her. Sherlyn uses her weak point to enter into this college and being close with Karan. Mahira unaware of her intention and helps her in all way. As she expected Sherlyn joins in cricket team as their special journalist to cover their stories.

Karan is impressed by her way of narration. Both turns to be a friends. Sherilyn makes sure she is always stick to Karan. Mahira keeps asking Sherlyn to introduce her with Karan. One day she takes Mahira with her and pretends like introduce her with Karan. Neither Sherilyn shared Mahira’s feeling on him nor her feelings on him with Karan. Nearly one year passed Sherlyn got enough fame through Karan. In these one year she created an image of all in everyone’s eyes she is his girl friend. Poor Karan doesn’t know anything and treated her as his friend only. One day Karan is staring one little girl picture in his mobile. Sherlyn comes there on time and questions him who is she looking so pretty! Karan says to her she is all grown up now may she looks like angel. He tells her she is his love he gonna marry her once he entered into Indian team. He gonna propose her after winning his first match. Sherlyn got anger hearing it. How could he love someone else when she is near him? She asks him to say her name? He mentions her name as Preetha.

Screen froze

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