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Episode begins with Security guard gives one garbage bag to Radha and he ties both garbage bags together and asks her to throw it in the dustbin. Radha says that it’s heavy and leaves the house. He signals at Damini and Kaveri. Damini tells Kaveri that she got rid of everything which can stop her and Mohan’s marriage. She adds that now she can peacefully complete her fasting. Kaveri asks Damini that if the latter is sure that Tulsi’s spirit left the house. Damini tells her that the latter knows the way to confirm it. Kaveri tells her that she knows that way but she won’t do it. She adds that she can’t anger Tulsi’s spirit again. Damini tells her that only the latter can do this. Kaveri nods at her and moves from there. Tulsi’s spirit tries to enter the house but fails. She says that she can’t go anywhere leaving Gungun.

Kaveri slaps Gungun. Tulsi’s spirit gets angry seeing that. Kaveri smiles when Tulsi’s spirit did not attack her. She beats Gungun up. Damini sees that. Tulsi’s spirit asks Kaveri to stay away from Gungun. Damini stops Kaveri and asks her that if the latter became mad. Kaveri tells her that she want to see that what Tulsi’s spirit can do. Gungun says that she will tell everything to Kadambari. Kaveri asks her to tell everyone. Damini tells Gungun that no one will believe her. Gungun recalls that how no one believed her last time. Tulsi’s spirit says that she won’t leave Damini. Gungun screams Radha’s name and runs from there. Radha feels like someone called her and feels dizzy too because of weakness and moves towards the dustbin.

Kaveri asks Damini that why the latter stopped her. Damini tells her that she don’t have time for all this and takes her from there. Tulsi’s spirit says that they will face the consequences for beating Gungun up. Damini tells Kaveri that it’s Radha’s turn now. Tulsi’s spirit says that Gungun needs Radha. Mohan and others comes there. Damini says that Radha has no idea that what’s going to happen with her today. Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan to do something because Kaveri beat Gungun up. Everyone enters the house.

Gungun tells Mohan that Kaveri beat her up which shocks everyone. Damini tells Mohan that Gungun lying. She adds that Gungun fell down while playing with Kaveri. Mohan asks Gungun that if the latter is fine. Damini tells him that Gungun is fine. She adds that they are getting late for puja. Mohan asks Gungun that what happened. Damini asks him to go and get ready. Gungun tells Mohan that she was wrong to think that he will believe her and goes to her room.

After some time, Ketki tells Kadambari that her gold bangle is missing. Damini tells Kadambari that her necklace is missing too. Ketki asks Kadambari to check the latter’s room too. Kadambari goes to her room. Damini tells Kaveri that she will get rid of Radha in 10 minutes. Kadambari comes downstairs and says that necklace and ring missing from her room. Rahul says that his wallet is missing. Kadambari wonders that who stole everything. Mohan comes there and says that his gold watch is missing. Kadambari tells him everything. Damini says that Radha saw Mohan’s gold watch while cleaning the room but she is not saying that Radha stole everything.

Episode ends.