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Chahat goes to the owner of factory to ask about the selling of factory but he says he didn’t have any talk about the sail. She realizes that  Aalekh was lying to her and asks the owner if he has any knowledge about the presence of molten iron in closed factory but he says he doesn’t know anything. She sees a statue of God and says she has seen this statue.

 He tells her that this is the same statue that Dhyanis have in the temple which is of pure gold but someone has made a same statue of iron and left it in factory. She checks the statue and thinks to use it to find out the truth of that day.

Neel sees friend request as Meera’s name and us about to text but gets Bhopu’s call and says he will send some clothes for Baig. Chahat sees a sticker on the fake statue and enquires about the maker and gets to know that the maker is in Dev Prayag in a lodge. She decides not to tell Neel about this statue else he will scold her for not studying. She sees Neel’s phone in room and checks messages from lot of unknown girls and gets jealous.

Neel comes and asks for food but she says he won’t get food. He asks why so she shows him the messages so he takes away his phone in hurry and says these are his fans so he has to reply. Chahat scolds him and throws pillows on him for being friendly with unknown girls.

Neel stops her somehow and asks why is she being bothered so she says that he her husband and stops. They share an eyelock, after that Chahat twists her lines and asks him to stay loyal to everyone. He asks her why is she being possessive but she gets annoyed and leaves. At night Vyas ji asks Chahat what to say to Neel after he has accepted his request.

 She says that he has to talk to him to start a relationship, his glasses fall and Chahat picks it up when she notices his torn socks. She asks why he is wearing these torn out socks when he can buy new but he says that Saraswati had made this for him with so much love which can’t get old.

Chahat takes the socks from him and says that she will mend it and give to him. She goes to room and hears Neel flirting with his fans which makes her more jealous while Neel enjoys teasing her. She asks him why he is so worried about them being single while he asks why is she bothered but she doesn’t reply.

They fall on the bed as her leg slips when she gets a message on her phone. She sees Neel’s message with all that he said and he says that she is the one who gave him his confidence back and all he is today is because of her support and thanks her for that.

Neel says that she has to study hard to get good marks in exam to make him happy, she says that after mending Vyas ji’s socks she will study. She sits to mend when she tells him that she found dirty socks in his pocket and asks him to keep it in laundry. Neel panics but feels relieved that she didn’t see the socks that belong to Baig.

 Chahat goes out with Vyas ji’s socks while Neel feels guilty for not letting her meet her dad when she is taking care of his dad so he decides to take care of Baig till he recovers. Chahat comes to room with Golu due to which he asks when will she study.

Chahat says that if she gets just 24 hours she can study properly so he suggests that they stay in some hotel for one day. She suggests Swastik lauge where the maker of fake statue is staying and Neel has to agree.

 Next morning they reach Swastik lauge and see weird photos so Neel says they should not stay here but she insists and asks about the maker’s room number. She goes to the given room number without telling Neel and knocks on door. He opens the door, expecting her to be a prostitute, and pulls her in. She is shocked while he tries to force himself on Chahat while Neel looks for Chahat. The episode ends.