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The episode starts with Ravi trying to alert Ruhan. He fails to notice Ravi. Gazal says to Hina that everything will be over if he notices him. He will save him at any cost. Ruhan goes to check there. Gazal excuses them for diverting Ruhan. Hina and Gulnaaz take Ravi from there using that situation. Ruhan gets suspicious. Gazal mistakenly hits the flower vase. Ruhan asks her who there is? Gazal runs from there. Hina and Gulnaaz locked Ravi in the store room. Meanwhile, Dua is waiting for Ruhan’s call. Ruhan tells her that he thinks a thief sneaked into the house. He will talk with her after checking the house. Gazal alerts Gulnaaz that Ruhan is ruining their plan. We have to do something to divert him. If he finds out that Ravi is missing, then they will start searching for him. She can’t imagine how they would react to Kaynaat’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Hameeda asks Dua why she is believing Ruhan. He refuses to reveal the truth in front of everyone. Dua says that his mom threatened him to lie. Hameeda says that she is helpless. She still believes in that family.

Ruhan tries to kill her. Haider divorced her and tried to shoot her. She is still thinking that he is loving her and accepting her. She shouldn’t trust him. She keeps believing him. Dua says that she gave everything to him. He was everything to her. She was blaming her Haider. Still, her heart said that he was doing it all for some reason. He was helpless. Hameeda says that she isn’t a child. She is supporting the person who insulted her mom. He beat his brother to death. She stayed quiet for Dua’s sake. She knew well how to treat them and touch her son. Dua refuses to believe it. Hameeda was fed up with her. Dua says that she believes that he is doing it for some reason. Hameeda says that it’s the truth that Haider betrayed her and married Gazal. She is waiting for him but he is planning a baby with Gazal. Dua says that it won’t happen. Hameeda asks her what if something like that happens?Dua tells her that she will forget him and cut ties with him lifelong. Gulnaaz tries to stop Ruhan from meeting Ravi. She asks him not to trouble him.

Ruhan says that he won’t wake him up. He just want to check him. Gulnaaz says that he is worrying about that servant. He was supporting Dua. Ruhan says that she swear on her to stop him from supporting Dua. She can’t stop him from meeting Ravi. Haider asks her what’s going on here? Ruhan complaints that she isn’t allowing him to meet Ravi. Gulnaaz says that he is Dua’s loyal brother. Haider says that Ravi is his brother too. She shouldn’t stop him. Haider takes Ruhan from there. Gulnaaz thinks that everything will be over if he find the truth. Haider and Ruhan notices someone is sleeping there. Hina pretends to sleep there. Gulnaaz notices it. Haider says to Ruhan that he don’t feel good to see him in this state. Haider wishes to talk with him. Hina fears about getting caught. Gazal shouts that Kaynaat trying to kill herself. Haider and Ruhan runs from there.

Gulnaaz asks Hina to get up or else she will be caught. Meanwhile, Haider scolds Kaynaat for trying to kill herself. Kaynaat says that she wasn’t thinking anything like this. She was lying. She wanted to see her killing herself too. Haider asks her why she lied about her daughter? Gazal says that she was holding this knife. Haider says that it’s a butter knife she can’t use it to cut her vein. Kaynaat says that she was trying to hide something from them. Hina slaps her. She scolds her for troubling everyone. Gazal says let’s take her to the hospital tomorrow. Haider asks her what happened? Hina says that she fainted. She cares for her still. Gulnaaz says that Ruhan will stay with Kaynaat. Ruhan informs Dua that Ravi is alright. Gulnaaz says to Hina that Ruhan is still supporting that Dua. He isn’t listening to her. Hina thinks that she wants to abort Kaynaat’s baby first.

Episode end.