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The episode starts with the doctor asking Akhthar’s family to make Hina happy always to cure her asap. He asks them which day Hina looked happy? Dua and Haider mentioned their wedding day. They recalls Hina’s moments with them. The doctor asks them to make her remember their wedding day. She will be alright. Kaynaat faints there. The doctor checks her. Hameeda says that she is her daughter-in-law. The doctor asks them if she is pregnant?

Dua nodded to him. The doctor says that it’s normal to feel dizzy in such time. The doctor leaves from there. Dua says to Hameeda that they forgot about Kaynaat because of Gazal’s issues. She has to fix Kaynaat’s wedding asap. Outsiders shouldn’t find out about Kaynaat’s pregnancy. Hameeda says that she worried about her grandson too. Dua says that it’s the right time to perform this wedding. Dua says that we can perform Kaynaat and Hafeez wedding.

Dua says that the relatives will come here. Dua and Haider can marry once again to bring Hina’s memory. Haider says that she is right. Gazal hears their conversation. She fears that Dua will bring back Hina’s memory. She can’t take a risk. She slips and falls inside the room. Dua says that they believe Hina will get her memories back.

Gulnaaz makes fun of Gazal and says that she won’t change at all. She is about to beat Gazal. Dua stops her. She takes Gazal from there. She shows the CCTV footages to Gazal. Dua says that usually everyone fix CCTV camera to catch a thief who comes inside the house. But she fixed the CCTV camera to catch a thief inside her house. She fixed camera everywhere in this house. She can’t do anything. If she tried to do then she will catch her red-handed. Dua says that her game is over. The doctor is also there to help them. The doctor says that he feels ashamed to help Gazal.

The doctor apologized to Dua for misunderstood her. He assures her that he will give a statement against Gazal. Dua thanked her. Gulnaaz says that she can watch Gazal 24/7. Hameeda says that she won’t leave from this room. This footage is interesting then a drama.

Noor says that she can even count how many roti Gazal eating. Gulnaaz says that everyone will keep a close watch on her. Gazal says that they are doing too much. Gulnaaz says that she misunderstood that she is the owner of this house. She came here as a guest. Dua says that it’s a wedding house. Many works are pending. Gazal has to do all the work here. Gazal says that she won’t work. Dua ordered her to do the work if she wants to stay in this house. Gazal is lost in her thoughts. Dua asks her not to plan anything against them. All CCTV camera are focusing on her.

Gazal thinks that they are trying to bring back Hina’s memory and send her out of this house. But she is Gazal. She won’t allow her to get back her memory. She wants to break Kaynaat and Hafeez’s relationship first. Meanwhile, Gazal makes Hina remembers the past. She provoked her against Hafeez and Hameeda. Hina says that she won’t leave them today. Gazal feels happy. She thinks that she can use this patient to plot against them. Hina will kick Hafeez and Hameeda out of this house. Hina hears Hameeda’s sound.

Hameeda is scolding Dua there. She says that she has to apologise to Hina today. Hameeda says that Dua called her to talk with Hina. But she decided not to support Dua. She apologized to Hina. She said that she can’t forgive Dua for hurting Hina. Dua says that she shouldn’t apologize to Hina. She is ruining her life along with Gazal. Gazal thinks that something is going on here but she can’t find out. Hameeda pretends like supporting Hina and slaps Dua. She says that Hina has a good heart that is why she didn’t kicked Dua out of this house yet. Hameeda talks with Hina emotionally. She asks Hina to give Hafeez’s hand to Kaynaat. Gazal learns their plan.

Episode ends