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The episode starts with Parvathy gives the bangles to Sivagami. She asks Parvathy to arrange the things for rituals. Sivagami scolds Archana for being lazy and finish the work soon. Adhi brings the flowers to Sivagami. Sivagami gives works to all Sandhya informs to her payasam is ready. Sivagami asks Sandhya to apply turmeric and Vermilion to coconut. Sivagami questions Saravana in sarcasm will he allow her to do this work? Sandhya starts applying it. Ravi shares to Senthil that today Sivagami won’t scold him reasoning she will treat him like god today. Adhi teases him that he will inform this to mom.

Ravi complaints that he will understand his pain after marriage only. Sivagami asks them to invite Vasanthi and Kavitha they will be here to find out the mistakes only. Ravi questions her doesn’t they get any gifts from in laws house? He will get sweets from there. Archana thinks that he is treating tough situation to her to eat sweets. Sivagami complaints that they are not lucky to get it. They don’t know the rituals and how to do it. He only know to call from America. Just then phone rings. Sivagami asks Sandhya to go and pick it. Saravana excuses her and leaves.

Sandhya attends the call and learns she got courier. She informs this to her family. Ravi praises her for getting courier in good day. He asks her to go and collect it. Sivagami complaints that all relatives will be come here in few minutes. If she is not here on time then she wanna face their questions. Ravi asks her to think positive and send Sandhya to collect it. Saravana thinks that he don’t create unnecessary hope in him. Sandhya already prepared to divorce him. She is trying to behave good before leaving from here. Sakkarai thinks what happened to him why is he looking dull?

Saravana lashes out at him for disturbing him. He burns his hand mistakenly. Sakkarai applies ointment to him. He apologise to him for scolding him. Saravanan gets ready to go out for delivery. Sandhya asks him to take her out. She sits behind him. She asks him to take this box from here reasoning nothing should come between husband and wife. Saravanan thinks that she is trying to make him happy now and leave forever from him. Sandhya doubts what happened to him.

Archana complaints to Senthil that usually mother in law expects daughter in law to give gift from her birth house on Diwali and Pongal. Only here they are celebrating Sumangali pooja and expecting gift from her birth house. Sandhya don’t have parents but she has a brother to send gift for her. She has parents but no useful. She is talking with him but Senthil is busy in his work. Archana gets angry and says to him she won’t mind him when he is coming night near her. Sandhya thinks that all problems are solved but Saravana creating new problems now. He is behaving strange recently what’s bothering him she has no idea.

Sandhya touches him he gets surprise and reminds her conversation. He is thinking that she needs divorce then why she is not opening with him about it. Sandhya starts get conversation with him about nature. She questions him Is he happy with her? Is he like to live with her happily? He says to her her happiness matters to him. Saravana says to her that usually gents says everything on face don’t hide anything inside. Sandhya questions him Is he thinking girls used to hide manything inside. Sandhya deny it. She adds that there must be a reason for it. Gents can able to react as per his heart saying but girls can’t. Because this world will see them in another eyes. She narrates to him in her point of view.

Episode end.