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Episode starts with Dulari waking up with a headache and gets shocked seeing Kinkshuk sleeping with her, she was about to run when sees Ram staring them from aside being freezed at his place, at that time koyal and Menika comes there, Menika points finger on Dulari’s character while koyal says it’s good that media is not here orelse their reputation would have hampered.

 Dulari cries and moves towards Ram asking him to believe her while he glares kinkshuk and goes towards him, he started slapping him brutally while koyal and Menika stops him saying that kinkshuk haven’t forced Dulari as she slept with him with her wish only, Dulari gets stunned while Ram stops Menika and ask her to talk to Dulari with respect as she is her sister-in-law, but Menika keeps defaming Dulari’s character, Ram shouts at her and says that she can’t blame Dulari without knowing the whole truth.


Later Ram’s mother supports Dulari and says to Menika that Dulari is marrying kinkshuk only to save her marriage and then also she is doubting on Dulari? To which Menika says that she can prove her allegations and if she can’t able to then she will leave the house while Ram’s father tries to stop her, at that time patang and Irfan comes,

Menika goes towards them and ask what they have mixed in kinkshuk’s drink while they denies, koyal comes towards Irfan and ask him to tell, he gets melted and confessed that they have added something in kinkshuk’s drink, while everyone gasps, Irfan further says that he have added extra water in it while Dulari gets relived and Menika glares him.


At that time Ram’s father sneezed and transformed to Rudra prasad who interrogates patang and Irfan and demands for the truth while they blurted out that they have spiked kinkshuk’s drink as Dulari asked them to, Menika and koyal smirks while Dulari gets teary eyes. Menika says that Dulari have done this to get intimate with Kinkshuk while Dulari shouts at her to stop and further admits that she have asked to spike kinkshuk’s drink but it’s just to get the truth out of him, she tells them that someone have pushed PadmaBhushan in front of Ram’s parents car while all gets stunned. Ram says that they can clear this and takes his phone to calls PadmaBhushan but Menika stops him getting tensed and says that if he will call him then she will drink the poison. Ram snatched it from her and throws it away,

 while koyal keeps defaming Dulari’s character and Menika supports her, Ram’s mother tries to interrupt but Menika stops her, Dulari looks at Ram and ask if he is believing them? To which he says that he is just trying to understand Menika’s point of view, Dulari gets angry and says there is nothing to understand in this as nothing happened between kinkshuk and her, she further says that she don’t know how she drank the spiked juice and cries. Menika and koyal didn’t stop pointing finger on Dulari’s dignity while Dulari defends herself strongly saying she can never do this mistake, Ram gets flashes of Kinkshuk and Dulari sleeping together and goes from there.


Ram stands lost in front of the window while Dulari keeps crying sitting on bed, they both remembers their happy moments (laal Ishq plays). Ram wipes his tears remembering all the accuses on Dulari’s character and Dulari remembers how he stays silent, Ram bangs his hand on the window and goes. Dulari cries saying Ram’s silence have given her the worst pain.


Menika and koyal gets happy and celebrate their victory while koyal ask how Menika got to know about the spiked drink to which she says that she have seen patang and Irfan mixing something in drink. Koyal questions Menika that how she have done all this alone? To which Menika replies that it’s a secret, koyal ask her to spill her secret while Menika denies and goes from there.