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With viewers enjoying the drama created because of Praful forcing Anant and Gehna marry. Now they are also curious to know what will happen next. With Radhika reacting to the situation which is totally justified but will Gehna pay for something amidst all this drama which was not even her fault. After loing her parents, she has also lost Jamuna from her side. kanak has already started taking advantage of this and it seems more challenges will come for Gehna.

Here, Radhika’s mother tells Radhika to leave from here but Radhika refuses to go from there saying she came for Anant so without him she won’t go anywhere. Radhika’s parents takes Radhika from there. But Radhika runs towards Anant and hugs him from behind and pleads him to confess that he loves her to prove her mother is wrong. She tells him to look at her and say he loves her. Anat will not say anything and here Radhika will be crying.

Amidst all this Praful will be worried for Gehna and go to check on her. Tiya will be giving Gehna strength but Kanak will throw watee on Gehna’s face and Kanak will start blaming and insulting Gehna. Kanak also shouts on Tiya that how can she firget about Jamuna. Praful will come to Gehna’s rescue. Jamuna will worry about Anant who would want to stay alone. Jamuna will acll Praful as a failed father and a selfish one. Seeing Anant all silent will worry Jamuna. She says for Gehna he broke her dreams and her son’s life but Gehna is not capable to become the daughter in law of this house and leaves from there saying she won’t accept her as her daughter in law.

Kanak says Gehna is just a servant just because she married Anant that’s not mean they will accept her as daughter in law of this house. Praful will still support Gehna and warn everyone not to treat Gehna bad or as servant. Kanak will raise her voice and say she is with Jamuna and won’t accept Gehna. Praful says it’s his house so he will decide that and says if anyone has problem then they can leave this house.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Anant tells Gehna to not talk about Radhika.

Will Gehna ever be able to get the position of wife? What will Anant do now? What will the next plan of the family be against Gehna? Keep following this space for more.