With Radhika falling from Terrace, we will see high voltage drama in Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2. Gehna will do everything in her power to save Radhika.

Anant will come and try to save Radhika but due to oil the grip is not there to pull Radhika up. Gehna will then suggest how hey can use a rope but unable to find a rope they will tie Gehna’s Dupatta and Gehna will risk her life to save Radhika. After both get saved, Kanak worries that now they might investigate and know that this all was done by Kanak but somehow she keeps distracting everyone so that this topic is not raised then she hopes that Sagar has done the work she asked him to. She calls Sagar and orders him to stay there till the time Gehna’s groom don’t reach.

Here, Hema will conspire and make Jamuna against Radhika by saying Radhika wants to settle in abroad alone with Anant, if she marries Anant then Anant will go away from you. Jamuna worries. Prafull tries to make Jamuna ignore Hema and become positive again.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how the guy and family coming to see Gehna will humilate and question Gehna’s character.

It will be interesting to watch, what the family will do? Will Kanak’s plan come infront of everyone? Stay tuned to Tellyexpress.