When one is framed as a wrong person for another no matter what and how much good things you did in life, nothing absolutely nothing can make that person see the obvious reality in front of their eyes. Things are not much derived and different for Miyajaan as well in Star Bharat romantic flick “Sufiyana Pyaar Mera”. The loyal viewers of the show are aware of the fact of Saltanat and Zaroon left home for their love and to start afresh. On the other side, Sabina and Kainaat are not ready to let them have a life of their own. Saltanat was admitted to hospital due to the kidnapping incident and recently got released from it. Meanwhile, during the stay in the hospital, she and Zaroon helped a woman as well and donated blood for her recovery.

In an upcoming episode of the show, the audience will see that Mr. And Mrs. Saxena will offer Saltanat and Zaroon to stay at their home and come along with them. Though Saltanat will deny first but later on she and Zaroon both agreed for the proposal. Here, Kainaat plays her game again and told dadi in a disguise that Saltanat ks staying near dargah and she is pregnant. Dadi will be shocked to know this but then she made a scene in front of Miyajaan and other persons in the Shah Manzil. Getting triggered by this Miyajaan visits the house of Saxena and humiliates Zaroon and Saltanat in the open market streets. Kainaat is being happy with all these happening and enjoying the scene.

Later on, Saltanat raises her voice and says that she is being framed wrongly and it was merely a case of misunderstanding. Though Miyajaan refuses to pay heed to their pleas and blame them for destroying his reputation and prestige. In short, the show is in for some high voltage drama.