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Today episode starts with Janaki saying to Sathya she might stay in hungry today. Indhumathi ask to her why should her daughter in law stay in hunger? Sasi smiles seeing her. He thinks her carrier is bigger then Janaki’s if he supports her then his carrier will also be perfect. He welcomes her in smiling.Indhumathi comes to shop carrying Sathya’s lunch. Seeing her Sathya face turns bright. Janaki makes faces. Indhumathi says to her that she is here to feed her daughter in law because she knew well that Janaki will be treat her like this only.

Janaki says to her that she don’t know what did she done? Indhumathi replies to her that she knew everything when she called to Soumya she informed to her everything. She gussed from it that Janaki will only treat Prabhu best and scold Sathya ignoring her. As she gussed she is doing that to her. Janaki is here to serve to her son in law right so do her work. She will serve to her daughter in law Indhumathi completed her words. Indhumathi starts feeding to Sathya. Janaki ask to her how did she feeding to Sathya. Indhumathi shows live example to her by feeding her. Sasi thinks now Indhumathi too start teasing all. Janaki ask to Indhumathi after she done this much how could she support Sathya like this? Indhumathi replies to her that Janaki fails to do it for her that’s why she is doing this behalf of her. Indhumathi feeds Sathya she praised her cooking.

Indhumathi added that Sathya working hard but she did’t give food to her instead serving to this Prabhu whom can’t even know how to clean the bike? Prabhu replies to her that she is insulting him a lot. He even know to do puncher. She added that Sathya has too much self respect that’s why she is supporting her. Sasi interrupt and says to them why did both mother in law fighting now. They came here to feed their son/ daughter in law right? But look at them what did they doing here? Prabhu and Sathya are busy in feeding each other and praising their food.

Sasi complaints to them they are so partial in serving to their son and daughter but none thinked about these 4 souls here. We are also in hunger but it seems we will eat in kai eanthi bavan today also. Indhumathi and Janaki laughed each other and leaves from there. Sathya and Prabhu are busy in staring each other. Sasi says it seems they won’t leave a single rice for them to eat.

Prabhu asking to Prabhu is he gonna continue here as a mechanic? He says to him that they wanna sign the agreement today. If we didn’t do it then he can’t able to win the prize and Sasi might stay here and serve to Sathya whole life. Sasi pout. He ask him to think something. Prabhu starts tp cry in fake to get Sathya attention.

Sathya question him what happened? Prabhu lies to Sathya that Sasi father got heart attack but he was hiding his pain all these time and working for us. He somehow convince Sathya and goes to Boxing centre along with Sasi. Manager gives agreement to sign. Prabhu eyes gets widen seeing the rules. If they turns physically disable or died in the tournament this centre won’t take any responsibility. Prabhu thinks if Sasi read this he won’t sign. (Episode Ends)