Show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ witnessed eight years leap. Check out what more happened this week in the show!

Akshara and Arohi grows young:

Eight year leap; Akshara wake up anxious. She worry if someone took Arohi away from her. Sirat, Swarna and Suhasini asks Akshara to calm as none will snatch Arohi from her. Sirat tell to Akshara that the story Kairav told her was half. In the flashback, Kartik and Goenkas gets stunned learning Arohi is exchanged. Sirat cry for Arohi. Kairav and Vansh blame themselves for not able to take care of Arohi. Later, the couple return back and apologize for taking Arohi by mistake. Back to reality; Sirat asks Akshara to move on from the incident.

Akshara and Arohi decide to celebrate Mother’s Day:

Arohi and Akshara plan to surprise Sirat on Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, Sirat decide to bring into light Naira’s truth in front of Akshu. Goenkas asks Sirat to rethink upon her decision. Sirat think it is high time to reveal to Akshu about her mother.

Sheila marks her entry in Sirat’s life again:

Sheila call Sirat and urge her to let her meet Arohi. Sirat restrict Sheila. She asks her to stay away from Akshu and Arohi. Sheila says Akshu is her step-daughter. Akshu over hear Sirat and Sheila’s talk and stands stunned.

Akshu confront Goenkas:

Akshu confront Sirat. She asks Sirat if she is her step-mother. Sirat reveals to Akshu about Naira. In the meantime, Arohi has a change of heart towards Akshu post learning latter is her step-sister.

Arohi accuse Akshu:

Arohi accuse Akshu for trying to impress Sirat. Sirat asks Arohi to stay humble. In the meantime, Sheila visit Goenkas. She meet Arohi. Arohi learn Sheila is her grandmother. Manish restrict Arohi and Akshu from meeting Sheila.

Sheila’s evil attempt:

Towards the end of the week; Manish and Sirat asks Sheila to stay away from Arohi and Akshu. Sheila urge Sirat to provide her some job as she needs money badly. Sirat asks Sheila to stop her drama as she can’t believe her after what all she has done in the past. She asks Sheila to leave the place. There, Arohi gets irked with Manish for not letting her meet Sheila who visited her for the first time. Akshu asks Arohi not to lose her cool. Arohi says everyone keeps praise Naira’s mother but none is respecting her grandmother. Akshu asks Arohi to calm. Arohi decide to meet Sheila. Akshu run behind Arohi.

Ahead, Sheila says to Sirat that if she is not helping her to find a job than she can let her meet Arohi once. She says she saw Arohi for the first time. Sirat says to Sheila that she never bothered about her when she was young. And now she wants to shower the love on Arohi, whom she never met. Arohi and Akshu over hear Sirat and Sheila. Manish asks Sheila to stay away from his house and Arohi. Sheila leave the place.

Manish says to Sirat that Sheila has reached their place and now it is her responsibility to take care else his second prediction will come true too. Sirat stands shocked. Arohi says to Akshu that Manish is rude.

Manish talk with lawyer. Swarna asks Manish what he is upto. Manish says he is taking restraining order against Sheila. Swarna says to Manish that he is overthinking as she feel Sheila is in trouble this time genuinely. She asks Manish to get Sheila some job. Manish decide to help Sheila. He asks Sirat to inform Sheila about the same.

Further, Sirat decide to console Arohi and Akshu. Arohi question Sirat why she didn’t let her meet Sheila. Sirat says to Arohi that Sheila is not her grandmother. She asks Arohi to consider Naira’s family. Sirat add Mauri is her grandmother and she is no more. She asks Arohi to stop talking about Sheila.

Sirat meet Sheila and asks her to find a job and stay away from her house. Sheila urge Sirat to let her meet Arohi once. Sirat restrict Sheila. There, Akshu asks Manish why he is not allowing Akshu to meet Sheila. Manish says because Sheila is meet.

Later, Sheila manipulates Arohi against Goenkas and Akshara.