Actress Shilpa Shinde never fails to make bold headlines. This time it is because of her stint in Madam Sir

Fans got upset on Madam Sir fame actress Gulki Joshi for remarking Shilpa on 15 minutes fame. She mentioned in an interview with the leading daily ‘I think the audience is the best judge. If we weren’t honest with our work, our show would not have had a 3-year long run. I think all the fifteen minutes of fame can rest in peace, for all I care.’

Gulki Joshi’s comment didn’t go well with the fans of Shilpa Shinde. They supported Shilpa and made her trending queen.

Actress Shilpa who entered Sab TV Madam Sir as ACP Naina Mathur received huge love from the fans. Shinde took her social media and shared she regret being a woman as few proves their brain lies in the knee. Shilpa in her video also told that the actors who were talking on her back have now come to know that their monthly pay check is my per day.

Diva captioned “Kuch log sirf ek show karke apne aap ko bahut kuch samajhne lagte hain aur kuch log zindagi bhar bechare side actor banke rah jaate hain aur phir apni frustration nikalte hain!!”

Shilpa tagged channel and production house too.

Bigg boss 11 winner was happy with her character in Madam Sir but claim other actors of the show got spiced up seeing show reaching heights post her entry.

To support their favourite, Shilpa fans recently trended- FOREVER WITH SHILPA SHINDE

“I must wanna say one thing..#ShilpaShinde has magical screen presence.. Chahe jitna bhi unhe screen pe dekh lo, but dil nahi bharta…Unhe aur dekhne ko dil karta hai



She is a rare soul, she has this infectious energy that makes you want to run next to her, she belonged to no one but herself & to anyone that was yet understand themselves, found the missing pieces in her presence. FOREVER WITH SHILPA SHINDE #ShilpaShinde

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