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Episode begins with Rani gets ready as bride and recalls her and Raja’s marriage. Mihir calls Rani and says he is going to enter the operation theatre and when he finishes the surgery she should be in front of him in bridal attire and tells her to not forget her promise and disconnects the call. She looks at mirror and says she got ready in bridal attire but she won’t become Mihir’s bride. Mihir starts the surgery and thinks after few minutes many things will change in his and Raja’s life. Rani and Raja’s family waits outside operation theatre. Utsav asks Hitank about Rani.

Hitank says Rani didn’t came with them, she locked herself in her room, he thinks so much happening so she would be afraid. Utsav calls Rani but she doesn’t picks his call. Rani takes poison bottle from drawer and says she will fulfill her promise to Mihir, by leaving Raja she will go with him as his bride but not alive. Nurse comes out of the operation theatre. Raja’s family gets panicked seeing her. Asha asks Darshana that why no one telling anything and prays to God to save Raja.

Darshana consoles her. Rani comes there. Everyone shocks seeing her in bridal attire. Darshana thinks definitely Mihir is behind this. Utsav asks why she got ready like this. But she ignores him. Her parents to tries to talk to her but she doesn’t answer anyone. Mihir comes out of the operation theatre and says surgery was successful. Rani gets relived hearing him and thanks God for saving her Raja. He says soon they will shift Raja to ICU from operation theatre then they can meet him. Asha thanks him and God.

Rani says it’s time to fulfill her promise and recalls Mihir’s demand and apologize to Raja saying she has to drink this poison for him. She opens the poison bottle and was about to drink it but Mihir holds her hand and turns her towards him. Everyone turns around and sees Rani. The bottle slips from Rani’s hand because of his tight hold and he asks what is she doing, is she become mad. She says she promised him that she will go with him but didn’t said she will go with him alive. Everyone shocks hearing her especially Asha. Hitank asks Rani what is she saying and what’s happening here.

Darshana says Mihir and Rani knows each other from their childhood and they lived in same area and from that time Mihir loved Rani and even he proposed her but she rejected him and when he met her again he was adamant to get her and threatened Rani saying he won’t save Raja. She says Rani was about to shift Raja to another hospital before that Mihir shifted Raja to this hospital. Rani says yesterday Mihir called her to hotel room and threatened her to live with him as his wife leaving Raja otherwise he won’t save him.

Hitank and Utsav was about to attack Mihir but Rani stops them saying he saved her Raja’s life so she has to fulfill her promise. Mihir says he didn’t thought she will be ready to sacrifice her life for Raja and says his feelings are genuine for her, his way could be wrong but not his love. He tells her to go back to her Raja and says when she can sacrifice her life for Raja then he can also sacrifice his love for her life and tells her to never come in front of him again.

Episode ends.