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The episode begins with Host says after adding round 1 and 2 scores only teams can go to next level and says Rani and Rani secures 3rd position with 15points. They tells everyone to sell their shoes no matter what because sales also important and this round will be called as juggad round.

Rani tells Raja that this round is so easy because Raja is best salesman in the world for her.They says they already selected the customers for them and asks Rani and Rani to sell their shoes to Gunvant and Kirtida. Rani and Raja shocks hearing that, on the side Asha asks Darshana that why they are asking to sell the shoes to Gunvant and Kirtida. Gunvant and Kirtida gets happy hearing that and Gunvant says table turned on their side now it will be fun to play.

Gunvant and Kirtida laughs at Asha saying now they will come to them to sell their shoes but they won’t buy it. Kirtida starts to dance to celebrate her happiness and Gunvant thinks now Rani and Raja gonna lose the competition for sure. Rani and Raja asked to record the deal while selling their shoes and they have just 4 hours.

Rani and Raja reaches home with their shoes and shocks seeing Kirtida acting like a Raja and trying to sell the shoes and in return Gunvant insults her by throwing the shoes. Gunvant tells Raja that he can’t sell his shoes to him so asks him to apologize first. Kirtida laughs at Raja saying his competition and his dream finished now.

Gunvant asks them that now who will save them. Kesha dances thinking Raja and Rani can’t sell their shoes to Gunvant so they are going to fail in this round. Utsav says seems like she is so happy with her today’s score and this round is not going to be easy for her because Mukesh won’t buy the shoes from her easily. Kesha thinks she is happy not because of her score instead she is happy that Raja and Rani gonna fail in this round.

Rani puts eye drops on Raja’s eyes and asks how he is feeling now and Raja says he is feeling better and seems like there is no need of glasses too. Rani asks worriedly how they are going to sell their shoes and suggests him that they can sell it by showing the gun. He says this round will help them to prove their talent.

They shocks seeing Darshana and Asha in Gunvant and Kirtida’s getup. Asha tells them to sell their shoes to them and record it. Raja says it’s cheating also competition team knows Gunvant and Kirtida. He suddenly gets an idea and says by changing their looks they can sell their shoes to them after all this round name is juggad.

Raja says he wanted to surprise Rani by giving a doll like her but this doll is not at all looks like her and tells the guy that he is returning the doll. That guy denies to take it back. Kirtida sees everything and thinks she can’t tease the real Rani but can do whatever she wants to with this doll, she says she will buy this doll. Raja smiles hearing her and looks at the shoes of doll.

Asha was recording everything. Kirtida was about to give the money but Gunvant stops her saying they will buy the doll for sure but without those shoes. Raja tells Gunvant that this competition is so important for him so to make him buy his shoes what he has to do. Gunvant says whatever Raja may do but he won’t buy his shoes. Raja challenges him that he will sell his shoes to him for sure.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rani sells the shoes to Kirtida and Gunvant shocks learning about this.