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The episode begins with Raja tells Gunvant that in his birth only he will sell these shoes to him and Gunvant will buy from him for sure. He says if Gunvant is adamant then he is also. Asha asks what Raja doing and tells Rani to make him understand the situation. Rani tells Raja that they won’t understand his goodness and in this way, they won’t even buy his shoes too.

Raja says he is trying and let him do it in his way. She says his way is wrong and they won’t understand him. He says if one does anything with good intention then they get good results too so the same thing will happen with him. He says God will help him to sell his shoes and he is going to follow Gunvant as his shadow until he buys these shoes from him.

Gunvant says Raja has so much confidence in his goodness and he will see how he is going to sell his shoes to him. Gunvant thinks from now the fun begins in this game and leaves from there. Kirtida tells Raja that she is going to the temple and will pray for him. Raja follows Gunvant ignoring her.

Kirtida talks with Rani’s doll saying get ready to lose and leaves for the temple. Kesha tells Utsav’s parents that Mukesh doesn’t even want to see her face then how can she sell her shoes to him when they asked her to try. She says after breaking engagement with Mukesh’s son she didn’t even talk to him, now what she can do, also he will be happy if she loses the competition. Utsav says she can’t stay without doing anything too and asks her about Mukesh’s office. Kesha thinks she has nothing to do with the competition she just wants to go to her house somehow.

Raja follows Gunvant with his shoebox wherever he goes but Gunvant ignores him totally. Gunvant gets a call about his meeting with his client, he goes to attend that and Raja too accompanies him. Gunvant gets confused seeing Raja for that he says he already told that he will follow him like a shadow.

Raja pleads Gunvant to buy his shoes but he asks him to eat food with him saying he wants to spend time with him. Utsav and Kesha reach Mukesh’s office. Mukesh tells them that he knows why they’re here and he is ready to buy their shoes too but he has one condition. Utsav asks what is his condition.

Mukesh says they have to stand in front of his office as a security guard and has to wish all of his customers until evening and they can’t cheat him because there is a CCTV camera in front of his office. He says he is going out now and while coming back if they are here then he will buy their shoes for sure. Kesha wonders where she stuck now without her wish she has to stand here.

Asha pleads Kirtida to convince Gunvant to buy Raja’s shoes. Kirtida denies to listen to her and realizes that her sandals are missing. Gunvant tells Raja to try more and mocks him when he falls down. Rani sells the shoes to Kirtida by tricking her.

Episode ends.