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Episode begins with Rani prays to God to support her. She tells Mihir that he will leave from here once Raja gets fine so she wants to do something for him to thank him. She says tonight she will spend time with him. He shocks hearing her. She says during childhood in their area everyone used to watch film together on every sunday so she would like to watch movie with him tonight.

He says he will like it if she spends time with him. She says then let’s meet at night. He leaves from there. She thinks tonight his story will end. Later she reaches the hospital to meet Raja. She gives his favorite flower to him and tells him to stay happy saying soon others will come to visit him.

She says after his surgery he is going to stay in the house and everyone waiting for him. He holds her hand and sleeps. She thinks she can’t tell Mihir’s truth to Raja now but tomorrow Mihir will be out of their life. Rani get ready with popcorn and cool drink. Darshana gives somes powder to her and tells her to mix it in the popcorn. Rani does it like Darshana said. Darshana says after eating this popcorn Mihir will lose his consciousness so Rani can search Raja’s medical report in his room. She says everyone slept already so there won’t be any problem.

Rani says she will do everything to save Raja and asks whatever she is doing now is right or wrong. Darshana says they are not doing anythingn wrong, even if Raja was in her place he would have done the same and tells her to act carefully in front of Mihir and tells her to call her if anything goes wrong, she will be waiting outside only. She prays to God to protect Rani. Rani enters Mihir’s room and shocks seeing him wearing the dress he was wearing when he proposed her in past. She thinks few people never changes and she still hates him.

She gives his watch to him saying she repaired it. They watches the movie and she gives the popcorn to him. He faints. She gets happy and starts to search Raja’s medical file. She says she has to find it before he wakes up. She gets happy seeing Raja’s medical file later shocks seeing there is lot of file and everything has Raja’s name. Suddenly Mihir regain consciousness and starts to clap. He tells her to put more effort in searching and teases her saying if she wants he can help her too and laughs at her.

He says she forgot that she is competing against Dr. Mihir Doshi and smells the popcorn saying she feed popcorn to him but he didn’t eat it. He asks how can she even think that she can use him as pawn in her game and says he saw Darshana in her room and understood her plan. He says he was playing with her but she used to thought she is using him in her plan. He says she can do anything for Raja then he also can do anything to get her. She says he doesn’t love her its just his stubbornness. He holds her hair saying she can’t insult his love again and again. She winces in pain and slaps him.

Episode ends.