For the coming week’s performance on Nach Baliye 9, actor Sourabh Raaj Jain, who is participating in the show with wife Ridhima Jain, will be bringing Latin American dance form – Pasodoble, on stage with a twist.

The versatile couple who are known to try different dance forms every week will be showcasing the battle of Goddess Durga with Mahishasura and his ultimate defeat at the feet of the Goddesses. While Ridhima Jain will be portraying the mighty Goddesses of power that runs the universe, Sourabh will be seen in the form of Mahishasura, the king with the head of buffalo.

Sourabh Raaj Jain spent an hour on the makeup chair to get into the complete look of Mahishasura with hair and makeup. “Another week and another look! Love the fact that this stage is giving me the opportunity to experiment every week! Whether it’s a new dance form or a completely new look and avataar, the story changes every week! And once again this time I am playing the negative, the devil, the very evil Mahishashur…” wrote Sourabh on the 3:43 minute video shared by him on his social media platform.

The tiny glimpse of the magnitude of their act has us all at the edge of our seats. We wish them all the luck for their upcoming acts.

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