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Episode starts with Ladies feeds milk to Bappa. Mukku reaches to Ahilya Nivas and goes behind the idol and notices milk pot connected with pipe. Mukku says Bappa have her so much milk before asking him and asks him to show her mother and says that her Mom name is Sankat. Kalyani sees ladies in the hall and asks what’s happening.

Anupriya informs her that Bappa is drinking milk at our home and these ladies came to offer milk to Bappa and you to pray Bappa to get your Moksh. Kalyani says it’s superstition. Aaosaheb says feed him and know it than you will believe. Kalyani says we are educated so can’t believe it and we have to search logic to know why it’s happen. Pallavi says keep your logics with you, if you have logic until now you may get your Moksh.

Kalyani shouts on her. Ladies says see how she us behaving Infront of her elders she is like Sankat. Mukku hears her name and comes out with Pot saying you’re my Mom Sankat and she says to Bappa that she got her Mom and hugs Kalyani happily and says you’re my Aayi right. Everyone gets shocked. Kalyani smiles.

Mukku says I will inform everyone that I got my Mom. Aaosaheb asks how she entered inside and scold her to not address Kalyani as her Aayi. Mukku says my mom told me that My Mom is Sankat and now I got to know that this aunty is Sankat and she is Mom and she is correct Bappa is not drinking milk but he is collecting milk to give it to me.

Pallavi about to slap get saying she came to steal things. Kalyani stops her and says we got to know who’s real thief and you called neighbors to show this fake drama. Anupriya says so this is not Chamatkar of Bappa. Kalyani says Bappa saved my life and it’s best Chamatkar he did it.

 Aaosaheb says maybe this girl kept that bowl behind Bappa and I thought Bappa is having milk and she scolds Mukku to never address Kalyani as her Aayi. Kalyani says how can this small girl accuse someone. Mukku says you’re not my Aayi, why I don’t have Aayi with me and I didn’t get my Aayi and she runs out in tears.


Malhar stops her and asks from where you’re coming and notices her in tears and asks whether she is crying to escape from him. Mukku says I’m not thief or lier, I just went to meet Bappa. Malhar says why you went wearing my shirt. Kalyani hugs her. Mukku questions why she is not her Aayi. Malhar asks Kalyani to asks where Mukku hot his shirt.

 Kalyani says it’s just shirt and she asks Mukku to come inside so they can give shirt to Malhar after dress change. Mukku says No. Kalyani says I remember that your Amma asked you to never change clothes Infront of others so change by yourself. Malhar says to Kalyani that this girl can be trap for her from Yashwant side. Kalyani says it’s long story, I will explain you later. Mukku and Malhar fights again. Kalyani stops them takes Mukku inside.


Amma thinks where this Mukku gone and what if Malhar and Kalyani get to know Moksh thought Mukku, I won’t let it happen. Sarthak sees Malhar and makes fun of Aaosaheb saying small girl exposed the Drama Infront of everyone, I wish I’m at this place at that time. Malhar asks him to come out. Sarthak says talk Infront of everyone because I’m staying at this place.

 Malhar gets shocked and asks why. Sarthak says my wife is staying here and I can’t live without my wife and she can’t live without her daughter so we are staying here as family.


Mukku comes downstairs, Sarthak shows Mukku to Malhar as star of the day and asks for Mukku autograph. Kalyani gets food for Mukku. Aaosaheb asks Kalyani to throw Mukku from their place. Kalyani says she will drop Mukku at her place after feeding her the food. Mukku says She will make Kalyani meet her Amma. Amma searches for Mukku everywhere.


Kalyani gives shirt to Malhar and than says let me give you after washing it otherwise you say many things. Than she sees Malhar looks on. Kalyani says sorry I forgot that it’s not my right anymore and gives his shirt. Malhar goes. Mukku says you will be my Aayi if you’re Sankat. Kalyani looks on. 

Kalyani feeds food to Mukku than Kalyani gets call from Pawar saying he got more kids with marks in their body. Kalyani feels happy. Mukku tries to feed birds, than Pallavi scolds her saying never enter here, she is not your Aayi and she can’t found her list son than how will she take care of you. Aaosaheb calls Pallavi and she goes. Kalyani calls Mukku to finish her food. Mukku asks did you lost your Baby. Kalyani looks on.