Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 8th July 2020 on Justshowbiz.net

Episode starts with Malhar comes out from washroom and thinks using Mallika name is bad idea that he had lipstick juice prepared by Kalyani than he gets Kalyani call and she teases him saying she gonna prepare real juice for her partner Sharad boss. Malhar informs her that Sharad boss is Trilok who came here behind her. Kalyani says Trilok is good person who gonna help me to save my health so bye I have to practice for Sangeet.

Anupriya calls Kalyani and informs her that Aaosaheb is not responding to her and seems like she is angry. Kalyani says Aaosaheb can never get angry on you.

Pallavi knocks Aaosaheb door continuously, Aaosaheb denies to open the door but Pallavi forces her than Aaosaheb opens the door than pallavi gets shocked.

Trilok thinks happy anniversary Divya, I prepared chain for you on our anniversary and I will give this gift to Kalyani who looks like you, Trilok sends cake to Kalyani with Shantanu but Shantanu informs it to Malhar. Malhar asks Shantanu to change Kalyani room and informs him about Trilok activities.

Sharad informs Malhar that Aaosaheb wants everyone to participate in Aarti from their room in evening and Kalyani must sang Aarti song. Malhar says how can she. Sharad says that what, she asked me to send her lyrics but I’m not able to forward to her because of problem in WiFi so please help her. Malhar says ok and thinks to take his revenge.
Aadya says Vikram why Aaosaheb denies to talk with groom family , seems like they are bankrupt.

Trilok gets angry knowing Kalyani room number is changed. Trilok shouts on Receptionist for not revealing her room number. Everyone attends Aarti and Aaosaheb hides from everyone than Kalyani sings movie song in the place of Aarti, everyone gets shocked. Anupriya says it’s not Aarti. Kalyani says it’s the song I get from Sharad. Aaosaheb comes Infront of Camera and says it’s not Aarti song. Everyone gets shocked seeing her in salwar than Aaosaheb reveals that her suitcase is misplaced. Madhav taunts her. She ends the live.
Kalyani says to Anupriya that Malhar fooled me and I will take revenge on them by defeating them in Sangeet. Anupriya says how it happens, we don’t know their plans.

Kalyani calls Malhar and shows him the she injured herself in practice. Malhar reveals that they are not practising and reveals her that he sends her Mallika back to Mumbai because bachelor party is cancelled. Kalyani gets happy knowing it and says so you’re the one who’s acting like Mallika. Kalyani smiles.

Kalyani calls to Aaosaheb and apologies her for Aarti mistake. Aaosaheb says I will forgive you if we win in Sangeet because groom family is bad. Anupriya asks what happened. Aaosaheb reveals that how Madhav spoiled her sleep with his songs practice that’s why she cancels catering order and denies to invite more guests. Anupriya says it’s not good. Kalyani says it’s good because Corona may spread if we invite more people. Aao saheb says I will always do good and we have to win. Anupriya says but they have Mallika. Kalyani says Mallika is gone and we are gonna win this competition. Malhar also plans to win the Sangeet.