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In the latest episode, Alia blackmails Alia with Aasman’s video. He asks her about Aasman and says if anything happens to Aasman, he would kill her. Alia says if he does anything to her, Aasman he will never be able to reach Aasman. Armaan asks Raja to take care of the kids till he comes back and says Aasman’s life is in danger.

Armaan proceeds with Alia when Armaan meets Raja and asks him to take care of the kids till he is back. Alia brings Armaan to the construction site where Aasman is kept hostage. She takes him in front of a person wearing men’s clothes with the face covered and asks him to kill this man who’s Balvinder. It was actually Aasman behind the veil.

Alia shows a video call to Armaan where he sees his entire family made hostage by Alia’s goons at home who are splashing kerosene around them and walking around with lights to burn them alive. Armaan apologises to Balvinder in his mind and was about to kill him when a sand storm appears.

He gets to see Aasman’s bangles and hands. He reaches her and opens her bondage. Alia says that the game is still in her favour and asks Armaan to shoot Aasman. As he refuses she asks his goon to burn Armaan’s family members one by one starting with Meher.

Aasman cries in fear and asks Alia to stop. Raja grabs the gun of a goon and takes one hostage. He asks them to release everyone and asks Armaan to not worry. In a tussle among Alia, Aasman and Armaan, Aasman was about to fall off the terrace but Armaan saves her. In the endeavour to snatch away Alia’s gun, Aasman fights with her. As Armaan tries to save Aasman and holds her tight, Alia falls off the terrace.

Is this the end of Alia’s story? Will Alia come back again? To know what happens next, keep watching Udaariyan.