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Udaariyan has become more entertaining since Aasman has turned Alia’s game upside down and Raja has come back home after recovery.

In the latest episode, Raja slaps Alia for playing games with his family. Raja has now recovered completely and is perfectly fine. Rano hugs Raja after hearing this. Everyone becomes so happy hearing this and praises Aasman since she is the only one who kept her faith in Raja.

Aasman stops the chaos taking place at home and says that she doesn’t want to spoil Kannu’s special day. So the rituals are followed and Kannu leaves her father’s home in some time. She thanks Aasman for everything and brings Raja back that too after complete recovery.

After Kannu leaves, Aasman says to Alia that her dream of marrying Armaan was all put into her mind by Aasman through Ekam. She tells the family that whatever she had been doing in Kannu’s wedding was all due to her. Alia had been blackmailing her in the name of her second daughter.

If she didn’t act according to her orders, Alia would have killed their daughter. When asked about their daughter Armaan breaks it to the family that Meher is their own blood and their other daughter whom Alia tried to separate from them.

Raja and Aasman also expose how Alia used to give Raja wrong medicines on purpose that led to the deterioration of his mental health. Raja says how Alia never understood his love and kept on torturing her. Rano slaps Alia for doing all this with her family. After that Alia brings a hunter and hands it over to Aasman.

She asks Aasman to not forget that Haniya and Meher are still in her clutches and if she doesn’t hit Rano with this hunter she would make just one call and her daughter would be dead. While Aasman stands still, Alia starts a countdown. Will Aasman be able to save her kids? To know what Alia does next, keep watching Udaariyan.