Show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum was the first show to bring the ‘Super Virus’ track which was closely similar to present scenario, as the whole world today is struggling to fight against the CoronaVirus/ Covid-19.

Television is the medium that really makes a big difference in people’s life. And by bringing such tracks in any shows or movie creates a great impact. Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum was really amazing and before ending they highly made an irreplaceable place in audience’s heart with its last track that focused on ‘Super Virus’. Show highlighted all the minute safety measures that people today needs to follow to beat the ‘Corona Virus’. So here we are highlighting all the measures instructed by your favorite Rohit Sippy to beat the virus. Check them out below!.

The show track started with Rohit learning that deaths at his hospital are taking place in a closely similar way. He calls for the meeting and learns about the ‘Super Virus’.

No sooner he learned about ‘Super Virus’ he asked everyone out there to wear the masks. He also asks his younger brother Ajit to send the masks to Sippy’s too.

Well, this is the foremost thing you have to do to beat #CoronaVirus. ‘Wear the Masks no matter what!’

  1. Rohit orders if anyone having the symptoms of cold and fever; the person should immediately go to the nearby hospital for the test. He also reveals the symptoms that virus is transmitted to the person by touching the infected person.

The parallel scene where Sonakshi was seen touching her maid who was coughing and down with fever was powerful. Rohit learns about Sonakshi and rushes to her house to take her blood sample.

Well, keep in mind if find any person down with cold and cough; immediately take that person for the test. And maintain a distance with the person as well.. !

  1. Rohit was seen using Sanitizers at his clinic.

Keep washing the hand and don’t miss using the sanitizers as well.

  1. Isolation wards:

Rohit of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum was the responsible doctor. No sooner he learned about the ‘super virus’ he made islotation ward for the patients who was detected with the symptoms of ‘Super Virus’.

Yes, any person who is detected with the symptoms of ‘Corona Virus’ should be isolated so that other person doesn’t catch it.

 So these are few of the safety measures which a person should follow thoroughly to beat Corona Virus.

Show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum’s last track was on ‘Super Virus’ and a worth a watch.

Before the track got ended Dr. Rohit while curing the others himself catches the Super Virus and his health worsens. He later, reveals to his assistant Tulsi and Simmi that Sonakshi has a rare blood group and antidote can be made using her blood samples. Further, Sonakshi saved Rohit’s life.

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