Kartik and Naira are that jodi of Indian Television who fill viewers’ chemistry thirst. Fans cannot see them apart and every smile of theirs rock their lives.

From their first accidental meet to now being at the verge of fighting the case for the custody of their child, they have come a long way.

Faans have always showered their favourite couple with love and adoration and its not just like that. Kaira have proved to be the ULTIMATE couole more than once.

Against All Odds

Their love story has been a fairy-tale with bumps in between. But their love keeps bringing them back together inspite of all the odds.

Childlike Innocence 

They might be parents now but both of them haven’t lost their childish innocence. They fight adorably and argue at petty things. All in good nature. It keeps the fun and a sense of purity intact.

Fierce Love
Kartik and Naira are two people who can live for each other and die for each other. Their love is so strong that they can face any problem together and solve it successfully too. Be it catching stalker or an absuer. Together, Kartik and Naira make the perfect team.

Standing with the right
The best thing about Kartik and Naira’s relationship is that they don’t let personal relationships come in between for standing up for the right thing. Be it exposing a stranger or standing against their own family, if its right they do it.

Respecting family values
Even though they might not always agree, they do respect family values and their sentiments. Their family values are strong and they try to keep everyone together paying respect to the Indian culture.

Kartik and Naira aren’t just great characters but also have awesome actors playing them. Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan are just the perfect choices for the roles and have been playing them exceptionally.