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The episode starts with Kanha and Nakul praying to God for Nakul’s love. He asks God to help him with his love. Anjali comes to Saroj. Kanha says to Saroj that he’s taking his leave and gets packed masala idli from Saroj and thanks hie leave. Kusum asks him to take care. Saroj gives medicine to Dhanraj who’s glad that the house was happy after so long. He wishes for the same forever.

Kanha on his way bumps with Sayuri and the garland on her hands falls on both their necks. Kanha removes it when Indrani and Nani comes there. Kanha says that Kusum really liked the gift and also says about her rakhi given to God and leaves. Rashmi says Sayuri that Kanha couldn’t stay there even for celebration as Anjali was present there. She asks her to think how he’ll stay forever with her.

Saroj is admiring Nakul and Kanha’s pictures and wards off evil eyes from them. Anjali keeps Rashmi’s photo in between and asks her to ward off evil eye to her too as Nakul and Rashmi are the new Kanha and Sayuri. Saroj calls it rubbish but Anjali asks her to confirm it herself. She says it all happened because of her who failed to stop Sayuri and Kanha. She says the youngsters learnt from them. She mocks Saroj. Kanha comes to Sayuri and takes the tea she was holding. He drank it and found no sugar in it. He thinks to check on Rashmi and Nakul.

Rashmi recalls Nakul hugging her and admires him from far. Saroj also notices it. Kanha sees it too and is happy. Saroj recalls Anjali’s words and leaves upset. Rashmi startles with Kanha’s voice and tries fishing out the truth out of Rashmi but she plays innocent. Rashmi gets tensed when Kanha asks her to find out who Kanha loves and she leaves having no option. Sayuri comes there. Saroj is upset that all her sons fell for Indrani’s daughters. Kanha asks Sayuri whether she’s aware of Nakul and Rashmi’s love. Sayuri asks how did he know and Kanha says that he spoke with Nakul and tried speaking to Rashmi too.

Sayuri gets outraged and asks why is he not stopping them when he knows the truth. Kanha asks why as what wrong did they do. Sayuri shouts that Saroj would never accept Rashmi and she don’t want Rashmi to experience the same pain as hers. Kanha says they are in love and how could she say so. Sayuri says that their love can go to hell and Kanha asks her to not speak bad about love. He says that he won’t let any love fail neither Nakul’s nor his and angrily goes inside. Sayuri follows him and tries making him understand. On the other hand, Rashmi comes to Nakul and asks about his love. Nakul understands its Kanha’s plan and plays along.

Precap : Sayuri will say Kanha that once Saroj knows the truth about Nakul and Rashmi she will not keep quite. Saroj will bring Nakul to God and asks him to say whether he loves Rashmi and if so she’ll speak for him in her house. Anjali will argue with Saroj standing on stairs holding her hand and Saroj will lose her balance when she suddenly releases her hand. Kusum will get shocked.

The episode starts with Sayuri is preparing rakhi when Kanha comes there to sleep. He sleeps on couch when Kanha picks the embroidery from his hand and starts completing it. Kusum comes to Anjali and says that she’s really scared of her. She says there’s even a limit for tolerating things. She says the next day is Rakshabandan and asks her to leave her brother’s life.

She holds Kusum’s hand and warns her to not misbehave with her Bhabhi. She suddenly leaves her hand and pretends like she’s worried about her wound. She asks Kusum to enjoy the celebration the next day and make sure that Kanha doesn’t return back after tying rakhi and asks her to use all her things she wants to get ready and leaves. Kusum blames themselves for filling her mind with trash.

Sayuri is making things ready for Kanha for rakhi gift. Next day, Kusum making rakhi arrangements for God, Chiru, Kanha and Nakul. She also takes one for Sayuri recalling Indrani’s words. Sayuri is getting ready when Kanha shouts in neck pain.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th August 2022 Written Update: Nakul confessed about his love to Kanha.