Television worldwide has been a constant medium in every household. It’s for family viewing and has been entertaining generations after generations. Recognising the role that the medium plays in bringing news of peace and conflicts to every house from all over the world and helps in decision making and also brings people together, the United Nations declared November 21 as World Television Day. The day is recognised and celebrated across the globe through different programmes and events. On the occasion, actors of the third chapter of Rajan Shahi’s popular TV trilogy Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai share what they think are the two best things about the television industry and why?
Karishma Sawant (Arohi)
The television industry has room for talents from all parts of India. It offers endless opportunities for growth and success. I feel honoured to be a part of this industry where I can learn and enhance my skill set. Not only that, as years have passed, the shows and concept have advanced. The TV shows of these days impart social messages and learning.
Pranali Rathod (Akshara)
TV helps us reach as well tell amazing stories to a large audience. People from different walks of life connect with us on a daily basis, and this is so special. The second best thing about the TV industry is that every day is a fresh start. If you have made a mistake yesterday, you have tomorrow to improve, learn and do better. So I think that’s the best part about the television industry.
Sharan Anandani (Vansh)
The first best thing about the television industry is entertainment. People really enjoy watching TV on a regular basis especially when they relate to some storyline or character/s. After a long day at work I think people really enjoy unwinding while watching a nice show. The second best thing about the television industry is the long-running shows.  I mean no web shows, movies, short films beat the episodes which are created on a daily basis to entertain the audience. It also makes the actors happy because they earn that much, they get popularity, fame and it keeps the audience also happy since they are hooked on to the storyline.
Mayank Arora (Kairav)

The first thing that I love about the television industry is that we become a family on the set as we shoot together daily. So it’s like home away from home. The second thing that I love is how it touches a chord with the audience. The viewers are the soul strength of television.
Ami Trivedi (Manjari)

One of the two best things about television is how it gives employment to a lot of people. Television is a booming industry. It is a widespread industry and our show has been there for the last 14 years and 6 months, employment acchi khaasi hojati hai, ghar ban jate hai logo ke. Secondly, television is a medium where we connect with our viewers on a daily basis, so everyone becomes a part of our family. As an actor I really enjoy this direct and regular connection, and as a viewer I like it when I’m alone at home and I get to see my favourite regular faces on TV every day.  
Niharika Chouksey (Nishtha)
Best thing about the television industry is that there are so many different characters to play every day and we get to learn something new. One can learn so much from the everyday experience and their co-stars. Also, TV is easily accessible. So it obviously has a large audience and everyone with their families can watch daily soaps as it is suitable for all age groups.
Ashish Nayyar (Anand Vardhan Birla)
Television is a powerful platform, with tremendous reach that provides opportunities to all. It brings together multiple people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds to showcase their talents. The television industry gives you the choice to either be part of entertaining programs that let millions of people de-stress and relax or to participate in infotainment programs that disperse knowledge.
Neeraj Goswami (Parth Birla)
In approximate terms, a show has a cast of around twenty actors plus a team of around 50-70 people including the creative team, the technicians etc. That means a single show provides direct employment to around 70 to 90 families. Now imagine the employment generated by the entire TV industry. If that is not the best part then I do not know what is. Secondly, no other medium has been as prolific as TV. A single TV show can be viewed in over 100 countries. That is the potential this medium brings to all the people associated with it, especially the actors. It doesn’t stop there. This medium can be used to convey so many good messages, to educate the masses, entertain them, make them aware about the social issues and make this society a better place. Speaking of the appliance, that’s what an idiot box can do if used wisely. (Smiles)
Paras Priyadarshan ( Neil )
I think one of the best things about the television industry is that since you’re working under the same roof with a group of people for a long time, they kind of become your family. You meet them every day, which strengthens the bond and is a lot of fun. The second best thing about the TV is that here you get to work every day and you are seen every day across India, which is a great thing, unlike any other medium.

Vinay Jain (Harsh Vardhan Birla)
Well, there are many things that I like about TV. Among them, the first one would be how it provides employment to such a large number of people across a wide spectrum. And secondly, the resilient and collaborative spirit with which the various departments work together on a daily basis to make many smile and have a good time.