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Today the episode begins with Nilambari, Swetha, Maruthu are getting ready for temple.. Nilambari asked Maruthu if we go now shall we catch Vennila in temple.. Maruthu said hurry up it time if we go there we will catch her.. Swetha gets furious and said today we have to catch her without fail.. Nilambari said surely she will come to the temple… that time we have to catch her.. Poongothai asked this is what you said in the early puja but she won’t came there…

Nilambari said this time she will surely come. Swetha asked Maruthu did you get the key of our garden house… Maruthu said I have.. Swetha said we will catch her and put her in the garden room.. so that I will be happy.. Nilambari said she escaped from us many times… this time we have to catch her… Suddenly Muthurasan enter into the room.. and asked Nilambari whom to catch.. All became speechless..

Nilambari lied to him.. and asked why you came here. He said I feel bored in sitting in one place so that I came here.. Where is Vennila.. I want to go out with her.. he call Vennila. Swetha arrives near him.. he asked to get ready for temple… she said I have severe headache.. Muthurasan asked her to take rest… and said I will go with Appu.

On the other side, Appu stand near the temple cow and talk to the cow… Appu asked the cow shall I go will Muthurasan to the temple.. The cow moos.. Appu asked how will I go.. he said he will go with Swetha.. how will he come with me… The cow moos… Appu said if I go with him .. I will offer you a bunch of banana.. Suddenly Muthurasan call Appu..

Appu went inside..  Muthurasan asked him to get ready for temple.. Appu became happy and agrees…

Appu take him in the car.. Maruthu, Nilambari, Swetha noticed that and became happy..  they reached the temple..

Swetha urged Maruthu to take the car.. On the other side Azghappan and Krishnan on the way to home.. Krishnan urged him to show the Swetha photo.. The Latter, Azghappan showed her photo.. Krishnan looked at the photo and said she is gorgeous.. and laments by saying snake is also gorgeous but its poisonous…

Later, Krishnan urged Azghappan to call Swetha.. Azghappan phones Poongothai instead of Swetha.. Poongothai scold him… and ends the call..

The latter, Azghappan phone to Swetha and said I am on the way to home with Krishnan and said he liked you.. and eager to see you… Later, Krishnan talks to Swetha that I eager to see you.. Later, she ends the call..

Swetha, Maruthu, Nilambari arrives to temple..  Swetha notice the board and gets furious… Nilambari asked her to calm down… at that moment the priest cross the Nilambari…  Nilambari asked the priest the puja begins… the Priest said yes… it commence….

with this the episode ends….