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Episode begins with Mahima introduces herself to Chetna. Chetna says she actually felt awkward when she got to know that she is Rudraksh’s wife and asks how it happened. Mahima says to say that only she is doing this interview. Chetna says then they should start the interview and asks about Rudraksh. Mahima says he is getting ready still and was about to go to call him but Ahana stops her saying Servant will call him. Chetna says she just knows that Mahima is Preesha’s sister.

Ahana says Mahima is better human being than Preesha also Rudraksh looks good with Mahima. Chetna says it’s live show so they has to start on time and asks how long they has to wait for Rudraksh. Mahima tells her to continue saying Rudraksh will join them later. Chetna begins her show and introduces Mahima to audience. Ahana got to know that Rudraksh is not in his room so calls him to know about his whereabouts.

Chetna asks for Rudraksh but Saaransh comes there in suit and sits beside Mahima and says he is Junior Khurana so Chetna can ask questions to him. Ahana tells Mishka to look at Mahima’s face and says she is embarrassed. Mahima thinks where Rudraksh went and what new game he is playing now by sending Saaransh in his place for live show. Chetna questions Saaransh. Saaransh says Preesha make him understand that he is lucky because he has two mothers and the show ends.

Chetna says everything went well but it would have been better if Rudraksh was here and says Mahima can understand what she is trying to say because if he introduce her as his wife then the impact will be different. Balraj tells Sharda that he should not gave his nod if he can’t attend the live then. Ahana tells Mahima that she can understand how much humiliated she is feeling now and says seems like Rudraksh doesn’t like her much. Mishka says she can understand her pain. Mahima thinks now Saaransh will receive the punishment for Rudraksh’s mistake and goes to him.

Saaransh says he liked it when Chetna called him as Junior Rudraksh. She asks him to tell about Rudraksh’s whereabouts otherwise she won’t leave him. He says he will complaint about her to Rudraksh, Preesha and asks her to leave him.

She threatens to beat him if he doesn’t say about Rudraksh’s whereabouts then. He recalls how Rudraksh asked him to take his place in Chetna’s show and says he doesn’t know where Rudraksh went. She beats him using belt. Preesha says she send the clip to him also. Mahima asks Saaransh to change his dress and sleep then warns him to not tell anyone that she beated him otherwise she will kill Rudraksh and Preesha. Rudraksh comes there and apologize to Mahima. Next day, Mahima calls Saaransh to sit beside her to have breakfast.

Later she got to know that Rudraksh, Preesha went to Mumbai yesterday and wonders why they went there then shocks seeing Gautam’s clip in Rudraksh’s mobile. She deletes that clip and thinks to delete from Preesha’s mobile too. Rudraksh, Preesha complaints about Mahima to Police. Police asks proof. Preesha searches the clip in her mobile but doesn’t find it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima sends some parcel to Preesha and tries to kill Gautam also.