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The episode begins with Kaashvi tells Aditya that she is dealing with him in his way. She shows the CCTV footage to him. She says that Aditya lied to her. Aditya tells her that she know him. She tells him that court will decide what they should do with him. She says that she will handover the proofs to police. He notices Arjun’s car. He asks her that whether she called Arjun there. She tells him that this is Arjun’s first case and Arjun will arrest the latter. She asks him to sit in the car silently.

She get off the car and goes to Arjun. Arjun tells her that Mahima changed her decision so he has to stay with Mahima for 6 months. She tells him that it’s fine. She informs him about Aditya. She says that everything will be fine. He tells her that they have proofs against Aditya and they won. He hugs her.

Aditya sees this and gets angry. He thinks that he will end up in jail because of his carelessness. He screams for help. Arjun and Kaashvi gets shocked seeing car moving towards the cliff. Car stops near the edge of the clip. Arjun opens the car door. Kaashvi gets worried seeing Aditya’s injured face.

Arjun notices petrol is leaking. He tells Kaashvi that they should leave from there because car may blast any time. She tells him that she won’t go anywhere leaving Aditya like this. She asks Aditya to not worry because she will save him. They unlocks Aditya and takes Aditya out of the car. Car blasts. Arjun says that Aditya lost so much blood. Kaashvi asks him to call an ambulance.

On the other hand, Mahima enters Bajwa house. Romila gets happy seeing Mahima. Mahima says that her divorce won’t happen with Arjun and she will stay there. She sees Karun and hugs him. Karun pushes her. He asks Jagadish that why Mahima returned. Mahima tells Karun that he misunderstood her. She says that Vishal is just her friend.

Karun tells her that he don’t trust her. He asks Jagadish to tell Mahima to leave the house. Jagadish says that Mahima has to stay in the house for 6 months. Karun tells Mahima to not enter his and Arjun’s room. He goes inside. Jagadish tells Mahima to stay in the house as guest. He asks Monty to take Mahima’s luggage to guest room.

Later, Karun refuses to eat Mahima’s handmade food. He eats the food which Shanti made. Mahima gets pissed off seeing this. She fires Shanti from the job. Karun takes Shanti inside.

Kaashvi tells Arjun that she won’t forgive herself if anything happened to Aditya then. They admits Aditya in the hospital. Arjun calls Jagadish and informs him about Aditya’s accident. After some time, Jagadish, Romila and Mahima comes there. Shanti hides from there. Doctor tells them that Aditya went into coma.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arjun asks Kaashvi that why she hided her pregnancy from him.

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