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Episode begins with Mahima asks Preesha that will she die to save Saaransh’s life. Preesha gets silent hearing her and Mahima asks why she is not lecturing her now and asks whose life she will choose now. Preesha says she Saaransh’s mother and his life is her priority which won’t change ever and no mother can see their child dying in front of them. She says Mahima is ready to kill Saaransh that’s why she can’t be his mother and says she wants to save Saaransh and it’s her final decision.

Mahima says she knows that Preesha will say like this that’s why she kidnapped Saaransh and says he is not her own son still she wants to die for him then she is such a fool and tells her to get ready to die for him. She says she won’t kill her easily and says she will torture her so much because Preesha tortured her so much and tells her to get in the car.

Saaransh pleads Mahima to leave Preesha. Mahima ignores him and tells Preesha to turn the car towards cliff and tells her to get out of the car. She handcuffs her and locks her with car. She slaps her and says now Preesha will know what happens if anyone goes against her and says now wild animals going to eat her dead body. Mahima pushes the car towards cliff. Preesha says she loves Saaransh and tells him to remember that she loves him most in the world. He says he also loves her and tells her to run from there. He asks Mahima to stop the car.

Mahima says Saaransh has to die if he wants to save Preesha then. Preesha tells Saaransh to take care of himself and fell down with car. Mahima acts like crying and says Preesha lost it and laughs saying Preesha died. Saaransh cries which irks her. She unties him and puts him in the car then leaves from there.

Vasudha feels like something bad going to happen and gets worried for her daughters and tells Gopal to call them. Yuvraj tells her to calm down and calls Preesha but he could not reach her. She tells Gopal to call Mahima. Yuvraj says he will call her but could not reach her too. Gopal says Preesha must be in house only and says he will call Rudraksh.

Rudraksh was crying seeing Preesha’s dead body and says she can’t leave him like this. Police inspector says they has to send her dead body for postmortem. Rudraksh says everything is his mistake and he should not have allowed her to meet Mahima alone. Gopal says Rudraksh is not picking the call. Sharda calls Vasudha and asks about Preesha,

Rudraksh and Saaransh. She asks her to come to Khurana mansion and she will say Mahima’s truth to her. Vasudha gets confused hearing her and leaves for Khurana mansion with others. Media covers Preesha’s death news. Police brings Preesha’s dead body to Khurana mansion. Everyone shocks seeing Preesha’s dead body. Rudraksh says Mahima killed Preesha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh tells Mahima that he wants to go to Preesha. Mahima plans to leave the country with Saaransh.