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Episode begins with Balraj tries to throw Preesha and Saaransh out of the house but Rudraksh stops him and tells him to leave his wife and his kid’s hand. Rudraksh warns Balraj to not do like this again because he won’t able to control himself everytime. Balraj asks will he hit him now and instigates him.

.Rahul tells Khurana’s that he asked some proof against Rudraksh, even though it was difficult but Preesha gave him because it’s about her medical license. He says she is the one who recorded Rudraksh’s confession and gave it to him. Preesha says he is lying and putting all the blame on her. He says he is feeling bad for Rudraksh that he trusted the wrong person and she gave the recording to him in front of his eyes in award function but didn’t let him suspect her. He thanks her saying without her it’s not possible to destroy Rudraksh.

She says he was blackmailing her because Neerja and her baby was in critical condition but that wrong medicine given by the Nurse. She says it was an accident not a plotting but he wanted to use her as a pawn to destroy Rudraksh’s career. She says she didn’t listened him saying she can’t betray her husband. Balraj asks why she didn’t tell about this blackmail thing earlier if she said he would have stopped Rahul.

Rahul asks why Preesha lying now and making stories about blackmail and all when their plan got successful already. He says no one can enter Rudraksh’s room easily other than her and she is the one who made Rudraksh confess everything. He says they listened both sides now let them decide who is saying the truth and who is lying.

Rudraksh says Rahul telling the truth and he trusts him and slaps him which shocks everyone. Then he says he trusts Preesha and he won’t do anything wrong with her and he won’t let anyone do wrong with her also. Mishka tells Ahana that Preesha did some black magic on Rudraksh definitely.

Rahul says Rudraksh will regret for slapping him, he will make sure to destroy his career and will make sure that Preesha lose her medical license and all the reputation. Rudraksh yells at him for taking Preesha’s name and throws him out of the house.

Gopal reads about the shocking news of Rudraksh in the newspaper and goes to meet Preesha without informing Vasudha. Preesha apologize to Rudraksh for not telling everything to him. He asks her to not suffer alone. Rahul tells Yuvraj that he wants to kill Rudraksh. Yuvraj says that’s not beneficial for him and says they has to leak Preesha’s suspension news to media first.

He suggests him to give case against Balraj too then everyone will believe whole family is fraud. Rahul calls his lawyer. Yuvraj thinks Khurana’s gonna be destroyed completely. Balraj tells Rudraksh that his company too dragged now because of him. Rudraksh asks what happened. Ahana says everyone filed defamation case on him.

Balraj says it’s true that Preesha recorded that video and now his and Rudraksh’s destruction happening. Mishka informs that Preesha’s suspension news reached media and everyone talking bad about Khurana’s. Balraj says first he lost Rajeev because of her now Rudraksh standing against him. Ahana says Preesha should prove her innocence otherwise they won’t believe her like Rudraksh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balraj tells Rudraksh to leave the house.