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Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Preesha that he doesn’t want to think anything putting himself in her position and he won’t give Saaransh to Mahima and says he can’t put his son’s life in danger. Seeing Gopal there, She says they were about to come downstairs only. Rudraksh says while talking they didn’t realised anything else.

Gopal tells them to not misunderstand him and asks is everything okay between them and says they should not face any problem because of Mahima , if anything happening like that then he will take her with him right now. Rudraksh was about to say something but Preesha interferes saying nothing like that happening and let Mahima stay here only and says because of Saaransh’s presence her health condition improving.

Gopal says as a father he doesn’t want Mahima to stay here. She says let her stay here few days then he can take her with him. Gopal, Vasudha leaves from Khurana house. Preesha asks Sharda about Saaransh. Sharda says he is sleeping with Mahima and tells her to take rest. She notices Rudraksh’s angry face and asks Preesha that what happened to him. Preesha says he is going to sleep only and she misunderstood. Rudraksh lifts Saaransh who was sleeping with Mahima and moves towards his room.

Preesha follows him and asks why he is behaving like this when Saaransh was sleeping with Mahima. Rudraksh ignores her and makes Saaransh lay on his bed. She asks why he is not answering her. He says he already told her that Saaransh won’t stay with Mahima. She says he was just sleeping with Mahima. He says he won’t allow that also. She asks what’s the problem if he sleeps with Mahima.

He says problem exists but she is not seeing and the problem is Mahima’s mental condition and what if she harms Saaransh. She says Saaransh is Mahima’s so she won’t hurt him in any way. He tells her to stop saying Saaransh is Mahima’s son, he is their son, his son and he did the right thing by bringing his son here also after whatever happened today he is worried about Saaransh’s safety and Mahima can do anything that’s why he can’t allow Saaransh near her.

She says he is insulting Mahima and overreacting on her mental condition and he is forgetting that he is talking about her sister and says he is making things complicated unnecessarily. He says he doesn’t care about Mahima, because just Saaransh matters for him. He says he brought her here for Preesha and it’s not him but it’s Preesha who is making the things complicated and she is forgetting about her sister’s mental condition also she is dangerous for herself and others.

He tells her to choose between Mahima and him and asks whom she wants to support and tells her to decide saying no more discussion in this topic. She leaves the room and he closes the door. She goes to Mahima and says Mahima faced a lot already and she won’t let her suffer more and will cure her for sure. Rudraksh says he won’t let anyone take Saaransh from him no matter what.

Next day, Mahima wakes and asks Preesha about Saaransh. Preesha says he is sleeping with Rudraksh because he get to know about yesterday’s incident. Mahima asks does he really thinks she can harm Saaransh. Preesha consoles her somehow. Balraj informs Rudraksh about his concert. Preesha says Saaransh can’t attend because he has to prepare for test. Ahana suspects Mahima’s mental condition. Yuvraj gets job. Ahana calls him and enquiries about Mahima..

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh says he is not Mahima’s son.