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Today’s episode starts with Suwarna taking evil eyes from Kartik. Kartik asks Suwarna to stop being Suhasini. Suwarna says he is looking good. Kartik compliments Suwarna too. Suwarna asks Kartik if anyone talks like that to a mother. Kartik says he just gave compliment to her. He adds she should have listened to Kairav’s talk with Naira. Kartik recalls Naira and Kairav’s moment. Suwarna says to Kartik that she understands him. She adds she know, he might be recalling so far Gangaur festivals with Naira and asks Kartik to understand that for Sirat it is first. Suwarna asks Kartik to make Sirat feel secured. She asks Kartik to plan a surprise for Sirat. Kartik decides to plan a surprise for Sirat for the sake of their family.

Ahead, Sirat struggles to make idol for Gangaur. Mauri signals Sirat. Akshu laughs seeing Goenka’s making idol. Suwarna says to Akshu, she will get a chance to make once she will grow up. Kartik comes and sees Sirat struggling to make an idol. He helps Sirat. Sirat recalls her moments with Ranveer. Afterwards, Riya comes and says she too can opt a fast to get a good husband. Gayu gets irked with Riya and says she wishes latter leave the house soon!

There, Ranveer makes an idol and recalls his moments with Sirat. Man comes to Ranveer. Ranveer says he can’t work today. Man insists Ranveer to do two deliveries. Ranveer refuses.

Other side, Kartik learns from Luv about Ranveer’s company who makes best sportsgear. He tells to Kartik that they also donate a part of their share to support girls. Kartik gets impressed. He asks Luv to tell him the number of the dealer. Kartik makes a call and demands the man to send a pair of shoe and boxing gloves to him. Man tells to Kartik that he is wholesaler. Ranveer gets surprised hearing Kartik’s demand. He tries to talk with Kartik but latter hangs up the call.

Meanwhile, Kairav demands Sirat and Kartik to dance. Sirat and Kartik dance for Kairav’s sake. Here, Ranveer sings ‘Bekhayali’ song and miss Sirat. He expresses his love for Sirat.

Furthermore, Sheela says how Sirat can be so happy. She says why her evil eye is not affecting Sirat. Sirat slips. She gets tensed thinking about her idol. Kartik asks Sirat not to worry about something that didn’t happened. There, Ranveer gets a call from his parents. He hangs up the call angrily.

Mauri tells to Goenka’s about their pre-wedding ritual for groom to be. Suhasini allows Mauri to perform the ritual with Kartik. In the meantime, Ranveer recalls about the person demanding shoe and gloves. He decides to deliver the gift to Kartik. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Ranveer visit Goenka’s with the parcel. Mauri performs a ritual with Kartik and Sirat.