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Today’s episode starts with Kartik and Naira. They come to Krishna and ask her if she is crying? Krishna says no and makes an excuse. Naira says to Krishna she asked her not to lie. Karitk asks Krishna if she too wants to join Kairav and Vansh’s school. Krishna nods yes. Karitk says than lots of hardwork and preparation will be needed. Naira motivates Krishna and says if without any teaching she can sell products on road than can do study too. Krishna gets excited. Kaira thinks to win Kairav too just like convincing Krishna.

Here, Naksh brings school admission form for Krish. Meanwhile, Krish tells to Naksh that Manish done his admission in Kairav and Vansh’s school. Naksh gets angry. He decides to confront Keerti for taking Krish related decision without his concern.

Other side, Naira falls in Kartik arm. Duo share alone time and dance together. In the meantime, Naksh confronts Manish for doing Krish’s admission without concerning him. Manish says he can take decision. Naksh says to Manish if they will not let him decide anything about Krish than he has to file a custody case. Manish asks Naksh if he is threatening him. Karitk interrupts and asks Naksh to cool down. He sends him back. Manish asks Naira to make Naksh understand else it will not be good for him.

Later, Kartik and Naira argue over Naksh and Keerti. Kartik decides to unite Naksh and Keerti. Ahead, Naira gift Kairav colors and he gets happy. Afterwards, Naira and Kartik tells to Krishna that interview for school admission will happen tomorrow. Krishna says she don’t know anything. Karitk says he will help her. Kariav, Vansh and Krish overhear the talk. Kairav wishes Krishna’s admission doesn’t happen in his school.

In the morning, Krishna’s interview starts. Kairav, Krish and Vansh decide to distratct her. Kairav back steps but Krish ask him not and sneaks into Krishna’s room to distract her.

Episode ends with Kartik and Naira asking Krishna if her interview is done. Krishna says yes and adds she failed to reply in English. Manish taunts Kartik and Naira. Kaira and Krishna stands stunned.