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In today’s episode, Abhira asks Arman to sing a song for her. Arman follows Abhira’s order. Abhira is entertained. She falls down. Arman helps Abhira. He says he is not a singer. Abhira blackmails Arman. She asks Arman to fulfill her demand. Arman decides to follow Abhira.

Ruhi gets emotional. Manish asks Ruhi not to cry. He asks Ruhi to let go of the one who has gone. Surekha says they are with Ruhi, but they can’t stay with her forever. Ruhi gets emotional. Surekha says the Poddars only consider Ruhi their daughter-in-law. Ruhi hints that she is staying at the Poddar house because of Arman. Swarna covers the topic. She fears that Ruhi will tell Arman’s truth to everyone.

Abhira enjoys trampoline. She asks Arman for support. Arman says he doesn’t want to enjoy it. Abhira insists on Arman. Arman supports Abhira. Abhira goes missing. Arman looks for Abhira. Charu gets angry at Dev. Abhira and Ruhi collide. A decoration is about to fall on Abhira and Ruhi. Arman saves Abhira. He asks Ruhi to step back. Manish helps Ruhi.

Abhira adores Arman. She talks cutely with Arman. Arman decides to help Abhira. Manish decides to help Arman and Abhira. Ruhi stops Manish. Arman worries about Ruhi. Madhav worries about Abhira. He calls Abhira his daughter. Abhira gets emotional. Madhav asks Abhira to call him dad. Abhira asks Madhav if he is sure. Madhav asks Abhira to call him dad. Abhira gets happy. Madhav and Abhira spend time together. Arman asks Madhav if he has seen Ruhi.

Ruhi remembers Arman and Abhira. She gets emotional. Abhira feeds sweets to Ruhi. She further shares with Ruhi that she feels bad lying to poddars about her wedding truth. Ruhi asks Abhira if he loves Arman. Abhira says she can’t fall in love with Arman. Ruhi says she too has a secret. Abhira asks Ruhi to tell everyone.

Vidya spots Manisha giving two tablets to Kaveri. She stops Manisha. Abhira gathers poddars. Arman worries about Abhira. Abhira says Ruhi wants to confide. Ruhi decides to speak her heart out. Swarna interrupts Ruhi. Ruhi tells everyone that, before Rohit, she had an affair with Arman. Everyone gets shocked. -Episode Ends

Precap: Krish tells Sanjay that he took admission. Sanjay against Krish. Abhira supports Krish. Sanjay misbehaves with Abhira. Arman takes a stand for Abhira.

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