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Today’s episode starts with Suhasini asking Kartik to speak something. Kartik replies to Suhasini that the suggestion is not worthy as it will not prove Sirat not guilty. Kartik decides to fight along. Suhasini asks Kartik if he will go against the family. Kartik says by supporting Sirat, he will not put Goenka’s reputation at stake. He asks Suhasini to pray for him and Sirat, so that they both don’t break. Mauri calls for Sirat.

There, Sirat think about Mauri and cries. Kartik decides to meet Sirat. Swarna asks Kartik if he will not take Manish’s blessing. Kartik says Manish will not bless him. He further decide to escape the house secretly, hiding from the media. Kartik manages to go out. But press follows Kartik. Kartik trick the reporters to meet Sirat in the jail. He waits for Sirat. Constable tell to Sirat that someone came to meet her. She tells Kartik’s name. Other ladies out there make fun of Sirat. They accuse for Kartik only Sirat killed her husband. Sirat stands mum. She further goes to meet Kartik.

Kartik waits for Sirat at the jail. He see the reporter and hide. Sirat looks for Kartik and see him hiding. Kartik think how reporter reach him as he tricked him. Reporter think today he will get good news. Kartik hide. Reporter wonder where Kartik escaped. Here, Mauri’s health worsen. Goenka’s worry for Mauri. Swarna says seeing Mauri, she is not feeling good.

Afterwards, Kartik reach home. Aradhana call Kartik and asks him to face media to bring out Sirat’s truth. Kartik asks Aradhana to stop calling him. Keerti and Naksh reach Goenka. Manish asks Keerti and Naksh if everything is fine. Keerti reveal post the news they are getting calls. She also inform Manish, at school Krish’s seniors bullied him on Kartik’s name. Kartik over hear Keerti’s talk.

Other side, Mauri looks for Sirat. She asks Kartik if he will save Sirat or not. Kartik assure Mauri. Ahead, Sirat urge constable to let her make one call. Constable refuses. Sirat pleads constable. Constable allow Sirat to make a call to Mauri.

Kartik learns from the doctor that Mauri’s health condition is not good. Kairav’s friend question him if Kartik and Sirat are friend and killed Ranveer. Kairav tells them that Sirat and Kartik both are good. Kartik over hear Kairav’s talk.

Further, Sirat makes a call to Kartik and worry for Mauri. Kartik boosts up Sirat and asks her not to stop fighting. Sirat shares with Kartik that she is feeling something bad is going to happen. Kartik asks Sirat not to worry. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Kartik decides to face media. He share with Aradhana about his meeting with Sirat. Aradhana asks Kartik, since Sirat is Naira’s look alike thus he fallen for her. Kartik sit mum.