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Today’s episode starts with priest asking Kartik and Naira to gift house kids a gift. Kartik gifts Krish and Vansh a gift. Kartik thinks to give gift to Krishna later. Surekha asks where the gift of Vansh and Kairav is. Kartik says their gift has been kept in their room. In the meantime, baby cries Naira and Kartik thinks to send baby to the room. Priest asks Kaira not to go as puja is yet to happen. Akhilesh says he will take care of baby.

There, Krishna pretends as Kartik and plays with Manish. Akhilesh brings baby and Krishna gets distracted. She plays with the baby. Akhilesh gets a call and he asks Krishna to take care of baby. Manish asks Krishna to play with her. Krishna says once Akhilesh will be back she will.

Here, priest asks Naksh to take Naira to the room. In the meantime, Manish picks up the baby. Krishna asks Manish to return the baby. Goenka’s comes and gets shocked seeing Manish with the baby near decorated water. Karitk saves Manish and baby. Manish faints. Doctor checks Manish and says he is fine.

Later, Suhasini scolds Krishna when Krishan confronts that because of her carelessness Manish took the baby. Krishna cries. Akhilesh says he is mistaken too. Other side, Krish gets rude with Krishna. Kaira comes and says to Krishna not to accuse her for what all happened.

Ahead, Naira and Suwarna prays in front of God. Krish tells to Goenka’s that Manish has regained the consciousness. Family rushes to see Manish.

Manish behaves normal and regains his memory. Suwarna cries and Manish asks what is happening and why all are behaving odd. He further asks about baby in Naira’s hand. Suhasini tells him that baby is his grand-daughter. Manish faints.

Doctor asks Goenka’s not to tell any shocking news to Manish until he gets well. Later on, Manish takes baby and asks Kaira and Suwarna to tell what all happened during these span. Manish gets upset seeing he missed so much. Suwarna happily hugs Manish.

Manish dresses like the way he used to. Goenka’s gets happy seeing him. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Goenka’s celebrates Mainsh’s comeback.